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#hashmail is a Web3 messaging tool that brings email functionality to wallet-to-wallet comms in Web3
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#hashmail brings the power and convenience of email to Web3.

With #hashmail, you're able to send multiple types of messages either on a 1-2-1 or 1-to-many basis, direct to a user's wallet address.

This enables projects to offer better communication for increased retention and engagement of their project.



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  • Works like existing email services
  • Free


  • New tech


  • Send 1-2-1 messages
  • Send broadcast messages






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What is #hashmail

#hashmail is a communication service for Web3. It brings the functionality of email services like GMail to Web3, using wallet addresses as email addresses.

#hashmail's dashboard is very similar to an email service providers so the onboarding needed for the tool will be minimal.

Hashmail dashboard

What problem does #hashmail solve?

Web3's biggest strength is also one of its weaknesses.

Every user is often identified by little more than a random string of numbers and letters which is their wallet address. Some people have made it easier to find them with an ENS domain.

regardless of whether or not you have their ENS or their wallet address, there's little to no way to contact people.

Projects revert to using Discord which is, if we're honest, an imperfect solution.

If you want to let people know about project updates, sales notifications, or anything else that's important to the project, you're hoping the social algos give you reach and that community comms are lost in the deluge of messages.

There's nothing akin to email in Web3, or there hasn't been.

#hashmail is brining the functionality of email to Web3.

With #hashmail you're able to send a message to an individual, or to a group of people - much like with regular emnail.

However, #hashmail sends these messages to a crypto wallet address. Meaning that even with the pseudonymous nature of Web3, you can keep your company comms running effectively to keep peoplpe informed of...

  • Company updates
  • Project developments
  • Sales notifications

It brings the ability to nurture individuals in a personalised way into Web3.

According to their website, this can help projects...

Hashmail benefits

How to get started with #hashmail

Getting started with #hashmail is very simple.

Head to the site and click the "launch hashmail" button.

You'll see a page like the below which will ask you to sync your wallet.

Set up hashmail

After syncing your wallet, you'll be asked to set up your hash ID and password which will complete the account setup.

Set hash id for hashmail account

Once that's done, you'll be taken to your #hashmail dashboard You'll note it's similar to a normal email service which means you should have no trouble setting things up from here.

Hashmail dashboard
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