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GM.XYZ is a collection of multiple Web3 communities. you're able to add chat, forum, and token functions to your community with their service.
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GM.XYZ is a tool that makes creating and managing a DAO or crypto-asset community as easy as spinning up a subreddit.

While they offer this functionality now, there are plans to build out the offer to create the first crypto-native, completely decentralized, and user-owned social network.



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  • Vetting of communities to enforce quality


  • Requires application to add a community


  • Community creation
  • Community hub for easier exposure and reach to new people






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What is GM.XYZ?

GM.XYZ is a platform that allows project leaders to quickly establish a DAO or community with a crypto asset to help them grow their brand.

In addition, they have a simple community hub that allows project leaders to submit their community and generate exposure to new potential members.

What problem does GM.XYZ? solve?

Community platforms for Web3 are pretty insufficient and not up to the task for growing or large projects.

Discord and Telegram make it incredibly difficult to find relevant messages as soon as a community attracts a few hundred users.

And the more open forms of community (Reddit, Facebook, Twitter etc) might have better UX, but they're not truly within your control.

We've all known of a subreddit that gets shut down, or a Facebook group that's had the admin banned. not to mention the Elon take over of Twitter that made the blue ticks used for verification useless.

You might build a community on these networks, but you don't own it. The powers that be can take it away from you at any point they deem necessary leaving you with nothing to show for the work you've put in.

And yet, they retain the users you've created for them. Hardly seems fair does it.

Web3 being all about ownership simply doesn't sit well with the established way of doing things.

And it's what GM.XYZ is tackling.

GM.XYZ allows you to set up your own crypto-asset community or DAO, including everything from chat, forums, and reputation tools.

In theory, this will make it easy for non-technical people and non-crypto native people to quickly spin up a community to further their own brand.

How to get started with GM.XYZ

Head tot he GM.XYZ site and click on "Sign in with Ethereum" in the top nav bar.

You'll see a wallet sync pop up. Sync your wallet to get started.

How to use GM.XYZ

You'll now be logged in.

In the left nav bar you'll see a small + icon. Click that to enable search for finding a new community to join.

How to use GM.XYZ

Join those you want to engage with.

How to add a community to GM.XYZ

If you want to add a community, you need to apply and be approved.

Click the ? in the left hand nav bar and then on "FAQs". The click on "How do I create a Community?".

How to add a commuity to GM.XYZ

This will open up a Google form for your application.

Submit it and wait for the team to get back to you.

How to add a community to GM.XYZ

GM.XYZ contact details

You can contact the GM.XYZ team through the website, or you can contact them through the below channels.

GM.XYZ Twitter

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