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Fuul is a Web3 referral marketing protocol that connects advertisers with publishers
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Fuul is a new advertising platform that allows advertisers to connect with publishers in the space for better reach of their offers.

While it's still in closed beta, it appears as though Fuul will bridge the performance marketing gap to Web3by tracking referred partners on-chain actions.



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  • Might form the basis of performance marketing in Web3


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  • On-chain tracking



What is Fuul?

Fuul is a referral advertising network that's been built specifically for Web3 and decentralized brands.

Unlike other advertising platforms where you pay per impression or click, Fuul is bringing a performance marketing angle to the industry.

With Fuul, you track the successful actions referred parties take and only pay the advertiser when a specific action is carried out.

This limits useless clicks and helps identify the publishers who provide the best real gains.

What problem does Fuul solve?

One of the major problems in advertising is paying for clicks and engagements from people who will never buy from you.

This led to an element of advertising known as performance marketing. Basically, rather than paying for exposure, you pay based on the results an advertiser produces for you.

As we move towards Web3 where actions are logged on blockchain, a new form of tracking system is needed. One that tracks and rewards based on a referred person's on-chain action.

This is what Fuul offers.

With Fuukl, advertisers will only pay publishers for successful results and actions people take within their protocol.

How to get started with Fuul

Fuul is currently in closed beta.

You can add your name to the list by heading to the site and clicking on "Join our Waitlist". Doing so will open the Typeform you see below.

How to get started with Fuul

Follow the prompts to throw your name into the ring when they go live.

Fuul contact details

You can contact Fuul through their website or through the below.

Fuul LinkedIn.

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