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Fringe Finance

Fringe Finance allows users to invest and/or borrow against their crypto holdings
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Fringe Finance


Fringe Finance is a decentralized money market. It's designed to allow users access to the capital spread in crypto assets regardless of network.

Fringe Finance brings a decentralized lending and borrowing ecosystem which allows users to unlock capital from traditional finance and their cryptocurrencies.

Fringe Finance


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Fringe Finance

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Fringe Finance
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  • One simple location for borrowing
  • Stablecoin token for the platform


  • Users should be aware of risks of borrowing against crypto


  • USB stablecoin (pegged to USD)
  • Lend or take a stablecoin against alt coins
  • Stake and rewards system


Fringe Finance




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Fringe Finance

Fringe Finance


Fringe Finance


What is Fringe Finance?

Fringe Finance is a crypto lending platform that allows users to borrow against the value of their cryptocurrency holdings.

The difference with Fringe Finance is they allow low liquidity coin holders to act as borrowers through access to collateralized loans of stablecoins. Users are also able to mint the Fringe Finance stablecoin (USB) to use however they see fit within thr DeFi economy.

You can join Fringe Finance as any one of the below...

  • Lender - Lend your USD holdings in the form of USD stablecoins
  • Borrower - Take out stablecoin loans to deploy as they see fit
  • Altcoin project - Deply your treasury into the platform to get loans for project expansion
  • USB Saver - Receive interest on Fringe Finance's token - USB
  • Staker - Stake assets for rewards within the platform
  • Liquidator - Liquidate positions that fall below minimum collateralization levels

What problem does Fringe Finance solve?

Cryptocurrencies are working to being more financial freedom to the average user.

However, while most cryptocurrencies can circumvent issues that traditional currencies cannot overcome, there's still a lot of problems with using alt-coins in the real world.

It means that people who have large holdings of alt coins that, on paper, are high value. They're not able to deploy the value of those holdings to anything real as most companies, brands, and agencies don't accept these alt-coins as payment.

Fringe Finance gives these holders an option to take a loan of a stablecoin (which is far easier to use for purchases) so they can deploy the value they've accrued for real world impact.

In addition to this, Fringe Finance has a good selection of staking and saving options for crypto holders.

How to get started with Fringe Finance

Head to the Fringe Website and click on the "App" button in the top nav bar.

This will take you to the dashboard where you'll be asked to sync your wallet.

How to use Fringe Finance

After syncing your wallet you'll be shown a screen with various crypto assets which are available for borrowing andlending.

How to use Fringe Finance

Find the currencies you want to work with and follow the prompts ot deposit your assets.

Fringe Finance contact

If you want to get in touch with Fringe Finance you can find contact details on their site. You could also reach out through the below.

Fringe Finance Twitter

Fringe Finance Telegram

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Fringe Finance