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ENS Sales Bot

ENS Sales Bot is a sales bot that offers real-time updates for ENS Domain sales through Discord
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ENS Sales Bot


ENS Sales Bot is from the 2.5 Intelligence team. This team offers a number of tools to help Web3 users stay on top of simple notifications and tracking of assets.

The ENS Sales Bot sends a Discord notification every time a ENS from your chosen tracked categories is sold on any major marketplace.

ENS Sales Bot


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ENS Sales Bot

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ENS Sales Bot
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  • Syncs with Discord as most Web3 people have it
  • Tracks most of the major marketplaces


  • Only for ENS (team has other tools available0
  • Only with Discord


  • Instant notifications of sales
  • Set notification role per ENS club
  • Select from 100+ ENS Clubs


ENS Sales Bot




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ENS Sales Bot

ENS Sales Bot


ENS Sales Bot


What is ENS Sales Bot?

ENS Sales Bot is a notification system that sends a simple Discord message when an ENS is sold on one of the major marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare.

you're able to customise which ENS clubs you track so you only get notifications that are relevant to your interests.

What problem does ENS Sales Bot solve?

Web3 is changing the way people identify and present themselves online.

Here's a shift to pseudonymous identities, and it's become a little difficult to keep track of people and their endeavours across multiple wallets and decentralized systems.

one of the best developments in the space to help overcome this was the creation of ENS (Ethereum Name Server) domains.

Much like buying a web domain like, people could purchase a ENS domain (like PJBoyle.eth) to make it easier for you to present a consolidated image online, make it easier for others to find you, and easier for you to interact across tools.

And also like domain names, there's big business in the owning of a unified brand name through Web3.

People have made a lot of money by buying and selling ENS Domains.

ENS Sales Bot makes it easy for you to monitor who's selling what domains and for how much.

You no longer have to trawl multiple marketplace sites. You simply set up a few targeting criteria and ENS Sales Bot will send you a Discord notification about ENS Domain sales within your tracked paramters.

This will make it much easier for interested parties to see how the market values ENS domains of different formats, names, and lengths.

How to get stared with ENS Sales Bot

Head to the site and click "Install Now".

You'll be redirected to a Discord site asking if you want to give ENS Sales Bot permission. Add it to a specific server and follow the setup instructions.

How to use ENS Sales Bot

From here you'll be able to follow the prompts to outline your own needed criteria.

ENS Sales Bot contact

You can contact the ENS Sales Bot Team through the website or through the below channels.

ENS Sales Bot Team Twitter

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ENS Sales Bot