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Dune Analytics

Dune is a tool for tracking and obtaining reliable data on many elements of decentralized finance.
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Dune Analytics


Dune is a tool for tracking and obtaining reliable data on many elements of decentralized finance.

Dune Analytics


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Dune Analytics

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Dune Analytics
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  • It provides access to all Ethereum databases as well as a wealth of information regarding the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Coinbase Ventures, Dragonfly Capital, Multicoin Capital, and others are among its significant partners.
  • It uses visualizations, prepared dashboards, and queries to make difficult blockchain concepts understandable to the average individual.


  • There is no place for chart editing.
  • Its user interface is somewhat lacking.
  • In terms of cost, the Pro plan is on the expensive side.


  • Popular Premade Dashboards.
  • Popular Premade Queries.
  • Custom dashboard


Dune Analytics




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Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics


What is Dune Analytics?

Dune Analytics was founded in March 2019 by Fredrik Haga and Mats Olsen. It is an effective tool for tracking and obtaining reliable data on many elements of decentralized finance. It can be your devoted companion as you swim through the dark waters of blockchain finance, thanks to its wealth of queries and dashboards and the capacity to construct new queries and dashboards as needed.

The "discover" button allows you to see popular dashboards or search for specific data in the search field. Data could be presented in the form of lists or graphs and bar charts. The majority of queries are organized into dashboards, which are collections of queries displayed on a single screen.

The data you can find has some limits. Dune supports Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Optimism, and Gnosis Chain. Any smart contract written on those blockchains is likewise supported.

Simply click on a dashboard to see it. Dune does not save the blockchain's state data; instead, it displays the data returned by a Structured Query Language (SQL) query the last time data was requested.

Every time you view a query, it is refreshed. However, refreshing can take some time because you'll be placed in a line. As a result, your information may be a few minutes or hours old.

By selecting "new query" and typing SQL code, you can also create queries. Remember that the developer who designed the query is only as trustworthy as the Dune data.

Dune Analytics also provides a premium service. It costs $390 per. The premium version allows you to avoid the query queue and perform parallel queries, which means your analytics will be completed faster than for non-paid users. It also allows you to keep dashboards and queries private and export your data to CSV files.

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Dune Analytics