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Dispatch is a messaging app for Web3, it allows projects to mint and send messages to known wallet addresses.



Dispatch is a messaging solution for Web3 brands, it syncs directly with your user's wallets.

With Dispatch, brands get better insight into who their audience is made up of, and they're then able to send direct messages to individual's wallets.

it allows projects to broadcast updates to their community and keep communication lines open in a pseudonymous world.



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  • Prices are reasonable for small commuities
  • Makes comms easy


  • Prices can stacxk up for larger communities


  • Refunds if ETH/Matic price drops during mint
  • 24/7 support






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What is is a messaging service built specifically for the decentralized world of Web3.

With Dispatch, you're able to send messages to individual wallets or you're able to send broadcasts to your entire community or a subset therein.

This allows projects to keep their audience up-to-date with the latest news by minting and sending messages direct to their wallet.

What problem does Dispatch solve?

It's very difficult to keep your Web3 community and audience up to date with the latest developments.

If you communicate through Twitter, you're at the whim of the algorithm.

If you prefer Discord and/or Telegram, you hope your message doesn't get lost in the fire hose of information these platforms create.

With more people using their wallet address as a pseudonymous identify online, there's not yet a good way to keep people up-to-date with your latest developments.

Dispatch helps to solve this.

As long as the wallet address is known (your community can opt-in to hear more), you're able to send direct messages to your audience direct to the wallet they've nominated as their point of contact.

In addition, Dispatch has some good analytics to help you better understand who your audience is made up of. messaging

How to get started with Dispatch

Getting started with Dispatch is simple.

Head to their site, hit launch the app, and check out the list of communities.

Here you can choose a community to join if you're looking to see how it works from the user perspective.

Find the community you want to join, sync your wallet, and agree to the permissions. community messaging

You're also able to add your community to the list on Dispatch if you want to use it to increase your reach.

From the home page click on "Add your community". You'll be taken through a simple onboarding to add your community to the Dispatch project list.

Add a community to Dispatch
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