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Dework is a Web3 native project management platform that brings collaboration to Web3 projects
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Dework is bringing the freelance economy into the Web3 world. You're able to create bounties for contributors and pay them with your own DAO token.

You're also able to search for, vet, and hire contributors to your project directly within the Dework dashboard making this the Fiverr of Web3.



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  • Everything in one dashboard
  • Pay directly in crypto and/or tokens


  • Newer project that will be limited based on the number of service providers who join


  • Board style project management
  • Contributor search and hire within app
  • Built in bounties workflow
  • Github sync






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What is Dework?

Dework is brining the freelance economy to Web3 with a complete system to find, hire, and pay Web3 talent with crypto.

You're able to search for specific talent on the platform and vet them based on experience.

After you've found the right person and have worked out the details of your agreement, you can hire them.

Dework has a robust project management system in place to help you finish the job. Upon completion of the project, pay them directly within Dework from your wallet.

You can pay with cryptocurrency you own, or with a token that's linked to your project.

Dework is basically bringing the same functionality as UpWork and Trello to Web3.

What problem does Dework solve? 

A lot of the talent people tend to hire from UpWork, Fiverr, or similar sites is international.

And as the crypto world has grown, a lot of that talent who focuses on Web3 prefers to get paid in some form of cryptocurrency.

There's currently no function to pay with crypto or tokens within these platforms. What happens is the hiring party has to spend extra money on gas fees to do a manual transfer of funds, or use a service like Binance Pay.

Neither is perfect as they either come with higher fees, or there's the issue of finding an intermediary that can legally operate within the territory of both hirer and talent.

Dework is bridging this gap by allowing Web3 native talent and projects to work out details of their agreemment and allow payment within crypto.

It's a new form of talent hiring and project management perfect for Web3 brands.

How to get stared with Dework

If you want to try Dework, head to their homepage and click on "Open App". You'll see a page listing various DAOs.

How to setup Dework

Click the connect wallet in the corner and follow the process to link your wallet. once done, you'll be asked to add more information about you and your role.

Add details of what you do on Dework
Add your role to Dework

You'll be given the option to link your Discord if you have one set up, and then offered a few key starting actions.

Either follow those that are relevant to you or move on. Once this is done, the app is set up and you can start looking for contributors or projects from the left hand sidebar on the primary dashboard.

Dework main dashboard

Dework contact details

If you want to get in touch with the Dework team, we've included their primary contact details below. You can also find more links to their contacts or send a message through live chat on the Dework website.

Dework Twitter

Dework Discord

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