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DeFi Noodle

DeFi noodle is a platform that rewards users for creating content others read and engage with
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DeFi Noodle


DeFi noodle is a platform that enables users to publish guest posts. Users are rewarded in crypto based on the popularity of their post. The more page views a user gets, the higher the crypto payout.

With DeFi Noodle, you're able to publish written posts, videos, podcasts, and more to your brand's page.

DeFi Noodle


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DeFi Noodle

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DeFi Noodle
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  • Earn crypto for creating content


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  • Guest posting
  • Video content
  • Crypto forums


DeFi Noodle




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DeFi Noodle

DeFi Noodle


DeFi Noodle


What is DeFi Noodle?

DeFi Noodle is a platform that allows content creators to get rewarded based on the popularity of what they create.

It works similarly to Medium, however, it's built specifically for the Web3/crypto world.

Users are able to create content in the form of blog posts, video content, or podcasts and upload them to the DeFi noodle site.

As the piece of content generates more views and engagement, the potential payout grows. Users are then able to cash out their earnings to their crypto wallet in BSCGems.

What problem does DeFi Noodle solve?

one of the primary problems for content creators is the issue of monetization.

There are a lot of great writers, podcasters, and videographers who find it difficult to make money from their creations.

At the minute, people are reliant on advertising revenue.

This often has a negative effect on quality as people create content that plays to the algorithms rather than crafting something the end user will really enjoy and engage with.

A model like that in DeFi noodle is less reliant on a person gaming the algos. It encourages people creating better content that people want to read.

This should help create better content and reward those people whoa re doing so.

How to get started with DeFi Noodle

Getting started with DeFi Noodle is very simple. Below are the steps to follow with some more detailed information on the platform.

Step 1. Create Free Account

Head to the site and register to create a free account. You can then post articles, videos, quizzes, podcasts, and other cryptocurrency-related content.

Step 2. Post Your Content

Choose a format from our user-friendly builder to make awesome customizable content to publish on DeFi Noodle.

Step 3. Share Your Hard Work

Share your posts with others to get pageviews. Your post page comes with buttons to easily share with social media!

The more views you can generate, the more money you'll earn.

As long as the account is in good standing, publishers will receive $2.00 in Crypto per 1000 unique pageviews.

How Do I Get Paid?

First, you must reach a minimum of $20 or 10,000 pageviews to be eligible for payout.

Earnings are calculated in USD but distributed as BSCgems (BEP20 Tokens).

What You Need To Recieve Payments

Payout will be sent via DeFi Noodle Publisher Wallet to your DeFi Crypto Wallet (ie: MetaMask or Trustwallet).

ENSURE that you can receive BEP20 tokens, including BUSD.

Requesting A Payout

Payouts are sent manually by DeFi Noodle administration, this ensures security and allows us to moderate unethical pageviews.

As long as your account is in good standing you will receive BSCgems automatically to your BSC wallet address.

Set Payout Wallet

Simply paste your public BSC wallet address into the "About Me" section of your profile.

Navigate to your "Settings" using the dropdown menu in the upper right.

Choose "Update Profile" and enter your public BSC wallet address into the "About Me" section of your profile and hit "Save".

Be very careful to use the correct BSC wallet address so you can receive your cryptocurrency.

There is no need to request a payment, we will send your rewards once they reach the qualifying amount. As long as your account and content are in good standing your payments will be sent.

Remember, content on DeFi Noodle is thoroughly moderated.

Why Does DeFi Noodle Reward In BSCgems?

Giving rewards with a 'reflections token' has many benefits.

The token contracts distribute rewards in the form of $BUSD (stablecoin) to holders just by having it in their defi wallet.

The rewards system is subject to change. Please note that we are working to implement a permanent rewards plan for the future.

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DeFi Noodle