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Crux Labs

Crux Labs is an analytics platform that helps Web3 projects get more data for their growth
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Crux Labs


Crux Labs is an analytics platform that pulls data from blockchains to help projects make more informed growth decisions in Web3.

Crux Labs


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Crux Labs

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What is Crux Labs?

Crux Labs is an analytics platform that helps Web3 projects pull engagement data from on-chain sources.

This data can be used to help the project make better growth decisions and better serve their audience.

What problem does Crux Labs solve?

Data is one of the major issues with Web3 right now.

While a lot of the engagement metrics are public (on the blockchain) there's been few moves from established analytics platforms to build wallet tracking into their feature sets.

Which is a shame because knowing how wallets are engaging with your project is key to figuring out how to make necessary improvements.

With Web3, it's less about knowing who's doing a thing, and more about understanding what is being done. If you know how people are interacting, you can better amend and improve to fit the needs of the many.

This is what Crux Labs helps with.

Crux Labs enables better engagement for Web3 brands. It helps brands...

  • Discover
  • Track
  • Engage

... with users.

Basically, projects can understand who their ideal audience is and what it is they like to do most.

Which is key to making better improvements for your project.

How to get started with Crux Labs?

Crux Labs currently isn't open for anyone to try.

If you want to give them a whirl, head to the site and click on the "Schedule Demo" button in the top right.

You'll be taken to a booking page where you can book an onboarding demo with the Crux Labs team.

How to get started with Crux Labs

Crux Labs contact

If you're interested in learning more about Crux Labs, you could book a demo through their site or contact them through one of the below.

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