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Coinzilla is one of the most well known and established crypto and finance specific ad networks.
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Coinzilla is a well-known player in the crypto advertising space. They have partnerships with some of the biggest advertisers and publishers in the space.

In addition to display advertising brands are able to bid for or advertise press release publication services making this a comprehensive advertising service for Web3.



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  • Great distribution
  • Works with top-tier brands
  • Requires minimum traffic thresholds making it good for advertisers


  • Can be expensive for smaller brands
  • Requires minimum traffic threshold making it difficult for new publishers


  • Press releases
  • Display advertising
  • Good customization of campaigns






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What is Coinzilla? 

Coinzilla is an ad network that focuses specifically on the finance and crypto industry.

Since their inception, Coinzilla has managed to carve out beneficial partnerships with some of the industries top publishers and crypto brands, making it one of the most popular crypto ad specific networks.

Coinzilla generally has two primary offers.

The first is a display campaign similar to that you'd find with Google Display. Advertisers upload their own creative and it's presented to potential customers through Coinzilla's network of publishers.

Coinzilla also offers a marketplace.

The marketplace allows publlishers to offer specific kinds of features (press releases, banners, articles etc.) for a set fee.

Coinzilla marketplace review

Prices range based on the size and readership of the publishers.

Coinzilla offers robust filters to help you find your best fit.

What problem does Coinzilla solve?

Launching any new project is difficult. It;s incredibly difficult in Web3 as there's a lot of noise and very little opportunity for the smaller brands to break through.

Coinzilla offers a simple solution for brands of all sizes to connect with and advertise through publishers of all sizes.

Because you're able to filter based on the fees and vertical the publishers specialise in, you can get some coverage for your Web3 project with a spend that fits your budget.

How to get started with Coinzilla

There are two sides to Coinzilla, and once you sign up as one you cannot sign up as the other unless you do so through a separate email address.

The sides are...

  • For brands/advertisers - people who want to pay for advertising
  • For publishers - people who want to sell ad space on their project

I reached out to the Coinzilla team and was told that once you're set up as one kind of user, you cannot transfer to the other nor can you have both functionalities under one account.

If you're signing up as an advertiser, you need to follow their sign up process and first seed your account with a little money to get your campaigns up and running.

Then of course, you set up your campaign and set it live.

For publishers you need to validate that you own your site and prove that it hits the minimum traffic threshold (I believe it's 5000 visits / month).

Once your site has been verified, you can start advertising space on the site for purchase.

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