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Cointraffic is a Crypto advertising network that offers innovative advertising and monetization solutions for Advertisers and Publishers worldwide
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Cointraffic is a Crypto advertising network that offers innovative advertising and monetization solutions for Advertisers and Publishers worldwide.

The brand has been in operation since 2014 which has enabled them time to build relationships with some of the biggest publishers in the space along with offering guidelines based on proven advertising strategies in the space.

Cointraffic offers multiple formats for your ads including multiple banner ads, native ads, and press release distribution with more options being added all the time.



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  • Established service
  • Bot filter for fraud detection
  • Good reporting features


  • Need to have advertising budget
  • Only targets crypto and Bitcoin audiences (not wider Web3)


  • Banner advertising
  • Native advertising
  • Press Release Distribution service






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What is Cointraffic?

Cointraffic is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency advertising network.

They connect advertisers and publishers in the space to offer reach to the former and revenue to the latter.

Cointraffic offers multiple types of advertising formats including display advertising, banner ads, and press release distribution.

They're one of the older advertising networks in the space but seem to focus only on crypto and Bitcoin rather than the entire Web3 industry.

What problem does Cointraffic solve?

If you run a crypto or Bitcoin focused project, it can be hard to get initial traction.

There's a lot of noise in the space making it hard to stand out. In addition, there are a lot of rules and regulations with existing ad networks that can make it troublesome to run ads.

Crypto native advertising platforms like Cointraffic are a great way to circumvent these problems.

They give advertisers direct access to publishers in the space meaning that a new project can get their name and offer in front of interested people without any issue.

At the same time, those publishers get paid through the Cointraffic network bringing a much needed revenue source and support system to crypto publishers who also aren't looked on favorably by legacy ad networks.

How to get started with Cointraffic

Head to the Cointraffic site and click on "Sign up" in the top right corner.

You'll be asked to sign up either as an advertiser (if you want to run ads) or a publisher (for those with a site they would like to add advertisements to).

How does Cointraffic work

Follow the sign up steps that Cointraffic outlines.

Despite being Web3, there's no wallet sync here so you'll be asked to add your email address and contact details.

How to sign up to Cointraffic

Follow the steps and confirm your email address.

You'll then log in to find your main dashboard where you can add your site, bid on options, and manage all of your campaigns.

How to use Cointraffic

At the time of writing there's no way to have both a publisher and advertiser account. If you want to offer both through Cointraffic, you'll need to sign up with 2 separate email addresses.

Cointraffic contact

If you want to get in touch with the Cointraffic team, you can do so through their site or through the below.

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