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Cointracker offers a detailed crypto portfolio tracking & taxes service for traders.
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Cointracker is a portfolio tracker for crypto traders that also offers tax advice and planning.

With Cointracker, you can not only see how your portfolio is doing, but it makes getting the right information to file for your crypto taxes so much easier. In addition, the Cointracker dashboard offers prompts on opportunities to lower your tax obligations.  



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  • Portfolio tracker
  • Tax advice



  • Automated portfolio tracking
  • Built-in tax reports
  • Preview tax impact
  • Wallet sync
  • Real-time tax loss harvesting






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What is Cointracker?

Cointracker is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that has in-built tax reporting capabilities.

After syncing your wallets you're able to track the value and changes in your portfolio's value.

Cointracker will then automatically monitor your portfolio to help you better plan for tax season. It does this through a few simple, but powerful, features.

  • Opportunity of tax loss harvesting notifications
  • Detailed reports to help you report your tax clearly
  • Accountant log ins so you can have a pro check everything over

What problem does Cointracker solve?

At the height of the crypto boom it felt like everyone was making money hand over fist.

And a lot of people were.

The problem though came a few months later when tax season hit.

Those same people who had made a lot of money trading cryptocurrencies and NFTs were suddenly hit with massive tax bills for the crypto gains.

Many of these people didn't expect this and hadn't planned for the tax man's knock at the door.

It resulted in a lot of people falling foul of their country's tax agency or having to quickly sell their assets for less than ideal prices to have some liquidity to pass off for tax.

It's something many of the more serious traders are now aware of.

And thankfully, there are more tools like Cointracker that are being built to help people better understand and plan for their crypto taxes.

With Cointracker, you get a detailed portfolio dashboard to track the value of your assets and a decent recommendation and reporting system that helps you make the most of your crypto assets.

How much does Cointracker cost? 

Cointracker charges different amounts depending on the plan you want.

There are 4pricing levels available with cointracker.

  • Free - For up to 25 transactions
  • £39 - for up to 100 transactions
  • £79 - for up to 1000 transactions
  • Custom - for high volume traders
How much does Cointracker cost

Is Cointracker legit?

Yes, we believe that Cointracker is legit.

However, this is not financial advice and we do not recommend or endorse Cointracker. be sure to always do your own due dilligence when it comes to your finances and the services you use to help manage or report on them.

How to get started with Cointracker

Head to the Cointracker website and click "try for free:" in the top nav bar.

You'll be asked to sign up with an email address. Follow the prompts and use your best email for this.

Once done, you'll be asked your location so the tax recommendations can be tailored to your needs.

How to get started with Cointracker

After this, you'll be asked to link your wallet and/or exchange account.

How to set up Cointracker

Once done, you'll be directed back to the dashboard where you can track your portfolio.

Cointracker dashboard

Cointracker contact

You can contact the Cointracker team through their website or through the below channels.

Cointracker Twitter

Cointracker LinkedIn

Cointracker Telegram

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