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CoinFLEX is a crypto exchange established in 2019 in Seychelles.
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CoinFLEX is a crypto exchange established in 2019 in Seychelles. There are 8 coins and 8 trading pairs available on the exchange CoinFLEX



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supported currencies

8 Coins - 8 Pairs

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  • Up to 20x leverage
  • Physically delivered futures
  • Does not require KYC


  • Trading Restrictions for some countries
  • Limited Crypto Assets Supported
  • Low Liquidity
  • Does not support US citizens


  • Spot  
  • Swap  
  • Futures  
  • Spread  
  • Repo
  • Index  






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Introduction to CoinFLEX

CoinFLEX is a cryptocurrency exchange which differentiates itself in a unique way. The primary CoinFLEX homepage states that they are the “home of crypto yields”.

And their entire feature set is built around this. The CoinFLEX platform offers pretty game-changing features like flexUSD - the world’s first interest-bearing stablecoin. 

They also have a feature called AMM+, their Automated Market Marker. This is similar to other AMMs, but CoinFLEX claims that this will make it easier for you to earn yield passively without having to spend much time or energy analyzing the market and strategizing best moves.  

With the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, CoinFLEX could be a very helpful tool for serious traders unafraid of taking risks. 

In addition, in our May 2022 study of the best exchanges, CoinFLEX won the #1 spot as the fastest growing exchange when comparing trading volume. They’ve seen incredible growth over the last 2 years which is a testament to the ease of use in their tools and the UX they provide.  

Finally, CoinFLEX have also implemented their “Campus”. An educational portal to help users understand the cryptocurrency markets and how Coinfelx can help them achieve their goals.  The CoinFLEX campus is full of useful materials including written content, videos, and podcasts.  

CoinFLEX company overview

CoinFLEX was created in 2019 and has experienced meteoric growth since their inception.  

The company is incorporated in Seychelles and the founding team has impressive experience in the cryptocurrency sector having started, grown, and/or worked with various established brands in the space.  

At the time of writing, CoinFLEX have raised a little over $11M in funding over 4 rounds. 

While the platform and design are very user friendly, the features are really aimed at experienced traders who have experience in AMM. As such, this is not a platform that would be easy to use for those just getting started with cryptocurrency trading.  

Is CoinFLEX a centralized or decentralized exchange? 

CoinFLEX is a centralized exchange, however, since late 2021 they’ve been taking steps to add decentralized elements to their platform. 

In particular, they’ve expressed plans to become the first centralized exchange to employ a "decentralized custody" model. 

In short, they want to funds to be secured by a decentralized smart contract that will handle the management and distribution of funds.  

CoinFLEX Token

CoinFLEX has their own token called FLEX Coin which offers platform-specific benefits to anyone who holds it.  

FLEX Coin tokenomics

The tokenmics for the FLEX Coin at the time of writing;

  • Max supply of FLEX Coin - 100M (maximum that will ever exist)
  • Total supply of FLEX Coin - 98,735,764
  • Circulation supply of FLEX Coin -  98,735,764
Coinflex FLEXCoin tokenmoics

In addition, the CoinFLEX team burn FLEX every day and every quarter. They burn 10% of their revenue everyday and 10% of profits every quarter.  

FLEXCoin benefits

Holding FLEXCoin offers holders a number of benefits including.  

  • Discounts on fees - Holding FLEX offers a discount on fees. $1000 of FLEX offers a ~10% discount.
  • Trade using FLEX - Use FLEX as collateral for futures trades.  
  • Higher referral fees -Earn up to 20% more referral fees by holding FLEX.
  • Staking FLEX - Stake and hold FLEX in the FLEXDAO to earn from CoinFLEX’s profits.  
benefits of holding FLEXCoini

CoinFLEX advantages

  • Currency selection - Wide selection of currencies and ability for future and spot trading. There’s also a number of pairs with world currencies.  
  • Thorough education hub - the Campus hub has a lot of useful information and data for users.  
  • Mobile app - The mobile app is one of the best in class for the industry. Very easy to use and functions as a wallet, exchange, and investment account.  
  • Transparency - CoinFLEX has a transparency tab on the site offering clear views into the value of their token and what action they’re taking.  

CoinFLEX disadvantages

  • Complexity - CoinFLEX’s dashboard can be a little confusing and might not be suitable for new traders. Takes some getting used to.  
  • Restrictions - Some territories are unable to use the CoinFLEX platform.  They have an updated list on their site.  

CoinFLEX supported cryptocurrencies

CoinFLEX specialises in yield farming, and as such, offer a number of cryptocurrency pairs. They have a growing number of pairs for your to invest in.  

Some of the more notable pairs include…

  • FLEX/USD  

CoinFLEX fees

Unlike many cryptocurrency exchanges, CoinFLEX doesn’t charge fees on deposits.

CoinFLEX also covered all fees on withdrawals of of BCH, FLEX, flexUSD and DOT.

If you’re withdrawing BTC,ETH, USDT, USDC and other ERC20 supported tokens, you’ll be charged the network fee as a withdrawal fee.  

CoinFLEX deposit methods

CoinFLEX uses MoonPay for their transactions. 

Which means that you can deposit funds and buy cryptocurrencies on CoinFLEX with Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro cards.  

CoinFLEX trading services offered

CoinFLEX offers a number of different trading services including...

  • Spot trading
  • Perpetual swap
  • Futures trading
  • Spread trading
  • Repo trading

CoinFLEX security

By default, CoinFLEX use a simple email verification 2 factor authentication for your account. 

This is less secure and less ideal than other platforms that also use authenticator apps or SMS messaging. 

However, in the settings > security tab, you can add other layers of security to your CoinFLEX account including…

  • 2FA authenticator apps
  • Binding your MetaMask wallet to your account
  • Anti-phishing codes to more easily identify legitimate emails from CoinFLEX

You can also easily set what actions you want to trigger these extra security steps for ease of use.  

CoinFLEX customer satisfaction

While CoinFGlex might not be the biggest exchange out there, it has seen some of the most impressive growth. 

In our May 2022 State of Web3 - Cryptocurrency Exchanges report, CoinFGlex came first when addressing platform growth.  

They managed to grow trading volume over 20,000% in a 12 month period which is a key indicator that CoinFLEX is popular with new users. 

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