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AI-based crypto fraud detection; AI-based crypto credit scoring; AI-based crypto user segmentation


Detect fraud with AI - with 98% predictability

Segment your Web3 users - with AI and Big Data Analytics for 1:1 targeting


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The free version is available for everyone, the paid version is either $399 or $999 - depending on the feature set
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  • Running AI solutions
  • AI-based fraud detection
  • AI-based credit scoring
  • AI-based user segmentation



  • AI based fraud detection, users can share any wallet or their own wallets to create trust
  • AI based credit scoring for DeFi
  • AI based crypto user segmentation





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What is your ChainAware?

ChainAware is very focussed on AI and blockchain.

They're aiming to address two big issues:

  1. Creating trust on blockchain - via AI based fraud detection - free to use
  2. Web3 user segmenation for Web3 projects - its about knowing your clients

Who uses ChainAware?

A lot of private individuals are using ChainAware for regular fraud detection (they have aGoogle Chrome extension too). Several B2B clients have integrated the ChainAware API for their user analytics.

What are ChainAware's key use cases?

  1. Fraud detection
  2. Sharing wallet addresses with fraud/trust analytics
  3. Sharing own wallet address with fraud/trust analytics
  4. Calculating credit score
  5. Web3 user segmentation

How to get started with ChainAware

Head to the website and sign up for the free version for the fraud detection. You get 20 free calls on this plan, If user does more calls, then they will need to add some of SMARTCREDIT tokens.

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