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Brave offers a browser and search engine that protect user data and integrate natively with Web3.
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Brave is a Web3 native company that's building a suite of tools to change the web browsing experience.

Brave offers a privacy focused browser that comes with its own Web3 wallet. It also offers several features that simplify the Web3 engagement experience which should help onboard new people to the space.



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  • Privacy focused
  • Built-in wallet
  • Faster engagement with dApps



  • Free browser video calls
  • Web3 wallet
  • VPN
  • Reward function
  • News and media feeds






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What is Brave?

Brave is a web browser built specifically for Web3.

With Brave, users get instant access to Web3 native features such as a built in wallet and a privacy focused product.

The result is much faster engagement and linking with dApps without any risk to personal data or tracking concerns.

In addition to making the onboarding and browsing through Web3 simpler, Brave also offers a number of really useful features such as...

  • A built-in VPN for added security
  • A built-in private and unlimited video call function
  • A reward system for those who are happy to view ads

What problem does Brave solve?

Web browsers are at the heart of how most people find, engage with, and understand new projects.

Searches are the core method the vast majority of people use to solve problems of any size. Be it looking for a local restaurant or understanding how to invest your savings safely.

There's never been such unprecedented access to information for so many people on the planet.

And that's great.

However, one of the things that's not so great is that the big web brands who build the browsers and search engines are collecting data on its users.

They're building profiles to understand where you live, what you like, and what products you want to shop for.


So they can either sell the data to advertisers or serve you adds that are more likely to end in a sale.

Most of this isn't as bad as it sounds (some definitely is). However, the real problem is that most people are being tracked without their full knowledge or approval.

There's a lot of information you've shared with these brands without knowing it. And it's being used to make money you'll never see.

Brave is hoping to put an end to this with their browser.

With Brave, your details and data are completely private. What you search for and what you look at aren't stored to later be sold or serve you specific ads.

In addition, they've added a lot of other basic Web3 functionality to the browser to make using dApps and keeping your data private incredibly simple.

How to get started with Brave's browser

Head to the site and click on the large "Download Brave" button.

Once clicked, follow the installation wizard for your operating system. Once installed, open the application.

You'll be asked if you want to set Brave up as the default browser.

How to set up Brave browser

You'll then be sent through a simple setup wizard.

Use this to bring over your  bookmarks that you've made in your current browser.

How to install Brave's browser

You're now set up with a Web3 native browser.

Brave contact details

You can contact brave through their site or through one of the below channels.

Brave Twitter

Brave Facebook

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