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Crypto Exchanges


BitMEX provides institutional and professional traders with an exchange platform that caters to their needs including lower latency, better liquidity and availability.



BitMEX has been around since 2014, which in this industry, makes them veterans. They've seen a few storms and come out the other side. They now what to do, and what not to.

Notably, you deploy your funds, not BitMEX. No lending, staking, trading… nothing.

BitMEX is not a trading house, it's an exchange.



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  • Lower fees
  • User friendly
  • Users can earn while holding their crypto
  • Derivatives contract
  • Better liquidity and latency
  • Transparent fees
  • The BMEX token
  • Asset security and custody
  • Proof of reserves and liabilities
  • Latency and limits
  • Innovation
  • Compliance


  • Not for beginners
  • Can be confusing


  • Perpetual contract
  • Future contract
  • Buy, sell and trade crypto
  • BitMEX API
  • BitMEX Earn
  • Derivatives contract
  • The BMEX token
  • Asset security and custody
  • Better liquidity and latency






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What is BitMEX?

BitMEX is one of the most advanced crypto exchange platforms in the world that offers investors access to the global financial markets using only Bitcoin. It's one of the veteran exchanges in the industry and a pioneer in the field of cryptocurrency derivatives.

The platform was launched back in 2016, with its core product being the XBTUSD perpetual swap – a crypto derivatives contract that allows users to long and short Bitcoin using leverage.Years later, the majority of exchanges have adopted perpetual futures contracts in one way or another, and they remain some of the most traded products. BitMEX was co-founded by Arthur Hayes, Ben Delo, and Samuel Reed.

It is built by finance professionals with over 40 years of combined experience and offers a comprehensive API and supporting tools.

BitMEX is owned by HDR Global Trading Limited. Building on its success, the founding team established 100x, a holding company to pursue a broader vision to reshape the modern digital financial system into one which is inclusive and empowering.

What problem does BitMEX solve?

Trading crypto is a complex thing, and hard to do well. Esprcially without the right tools.

BitMEX has a number of detailed and complex tools to help brands

BitMEX offers a derivative trading platform to a global market. It offers Perpetual swaps and futures contracts bought and sold in Bitcoin and tether that you can go long or short on. Amazingly, even if you don’t hold any, you can still sell.

The exchange had been focused on derivatives for the majority of its existence. However, in May 2022, they also launched a spot trading platform. It allows users to transact between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies while also trading crypto-to-crypto trading pairs.

Who uses BitMEX?

All in all, BitMEX is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, especially when it comes to derivatives. Their spot platform is still relatively young, but the team is working hard to expand the service offering, and features, as well as to enhance the overall user experience and security of the platform.

It tends to be used by...

  • Sersious traders
  • Crypto investors

What are BitMEX's use cases?

BitMEX, as a primarily derivatives exchange, tends ot be used for trading derivatives.

however, you can also use it for the trading and investing in other cryptocurrencies.

How to get started with BitMEX

Before you can start trading, you need to register an account on BitMEX.

Sign up and follow the steps to get your account set up.

The exchange has a simple process to register and verify your account; you will need to provide some personal credentials such as your ID or, alternatively, a passport or a government-issued driver’s license.

You might also be prompted to provide proof of address. The process is pretty straightforward – just follow the instructions.

The KYC verification might take a few hours – in our case, the team got back to us within 3 hours, and the account was fully verified and active.

Once you get that done, it’s important to take a few critical steps to secure your account. Head to the Security Centre and make sure to enable your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).It’s also recommended to activate the setting that automatically closes all sessions if a new IP address is detected.

However, if you are using a mobile browser, this might not be best.Now that you have your account up and running, it’s time to deposit some funds.

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