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Bitmedia is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency advertising network.
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Bitmedia is an advertising network built specifically for the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency niche.

They offer a range of different ad formats and multiple pricing models meaning they should be a fit for almost all crypto brands out there.



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  • Specialist provider in Crypto space
  • Growing their publisher partnerships


  • Smaller than other players in the market


  • Display ads
  • HTML ads
  • Rich media ads
  • Multiple bid options






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What is BitMedia?

Bitmedia is an advertising network built specifically for Web3 and Bitcoin ads.

They've built a network of publishers in the crypto space making it easy for Crypto advertisers to get their ads and offers in front of the right people.

You're able to sign up as an advertiser if you want to run ads, or as a publisher if you have a website or audience you'd like to serve ads to.

What problem does Bitmedia solve?

Advertising has been a staple in business growth for hundreds of years.

However, because cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are considered high risk, a lot of existing ad network sare apprehensive to let advertisers run ads.

If you've ever tried, you'll know there are a lot of extra rules for crypto ads, and mentioning cryptocurrency in the ads will often trigger an auto moderator block.

Whilst manual reviews can sometimes remove these blocks, there's a lot of lost time which leads to lost revenue.

Even if the blocks are lifted, the number of ads available to crypto brands through incumbent networks is lower. Which means less ad opportunities for brands, and fewer revenue options for publishers.

Bitmedia offers a simple workaround for this.

As it's built specifically for crypto audiences it's easier to get ads passed and you're able to more accurately target your ads to the right audience.

Publishers will find it easier to connect with relevant advertisers meaning it's a win-win for all involved.

How to get started with Bitmedia

To set up a Bitmedia account, head to their homepage and click "Sign up". This will take you to a page asking for your basic contact details. You also have the option of signing up through your Facebook profile.

Bitmedia sign up page and process

After that basic information you'll receive a confirmation email. Go to your inbox and check if it's there. It could have fallen into spam.

Bitmedia email confirmation for sign up process

Once confirmed, you'll be able to log in and you'll find yourself on the main dashboard where you can also sign up as a publisher or get your first campaign started.

Does Bitmedia have an affiliate program?

Bitmedia does have an affiliate program.

Anyone who is a member of Bitmedia can sign up to be an affiliate.

The affiliate payouts have different tiers based on success and type of entity.

If you refer an advertiser, you can expect...

  1. 7%-10% of their ad spend as an individual
  2. From 15% of their ad spend as a corporation
Bitmedia affiliate program detailsf

If you refer publishers, you can expect...

  1. Between 5% and 10% of revenue (depending on page views) as a news site
  2. Between 7% and 10% of revenue (depending on page views) as a review site
  3. 5% of revenue as a community

How to contact Bitmedia

If you want to learn more, you can contact Bitmedia through the below.

Bitmedia Twitter

Bitmedia Facebook

Bitmedia LinkedIn

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