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BitIRA allows you to create a digital currency IRA
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BitIRA allows you to create a digital currency IRA



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  • BitIRA is Registered with U.S. Government
  • Secure cold storage of crypto assets
  • Dollar-for-dollar custody insurance
  • Users can enjoy tax-free growth as long as they store their cryptocurrency in an IRA
  • BitIRA has a proven track record in the digital currency IRA space


  • Limited number of supported cryptocurrencies


  • End-to-End Insurance
  • Multi-Encryption,
  • Qualified Asset for IRAs
  • Dedicated IRA Specialists
  • Transparent Invoicing
  • Cold Storage Wallet
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Ongoing Assistance on Future Transactions






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What is BitIRA?

Birch Gold Group founded BitIRA in 2017 to allow investors and licensed trust custodians to hold multiple cryptocurrencies in self-directed IRAs intended exclusively for digital asset investing. The Birch Gold Group, one of the nation's leaders in assisting Americans in purchasing physical precious metals for use in an Individual Retirement Account, established BitIRA. The team has years of experience moving alternative assets into IRAs, as well as a fully staffed, in-house IRA Department to do the majority of the heavy lifting when it comes to setting up your Digital IRA. They have worked with major retirement account custodians, including Fidelity, Edward Jones, and Merrill Lynch, and they understand how to transfer digital currencies into your retirement account swiftly, efficiently, and safely as reported on the website.

Users will get end-to-end safety for their digital money if they use BitIRA. Your digital cash is safe from hackers, espionage, theft, physical loss, damage, and fraud while in transit or storage. Many crypto IRA firms offer insurance. They do not, however, cover the coins. BitIRA received $100 million in insurance coverage from many London insurance providers with S&P A and superior ratings. Your cash in your Equity Trust Company account is covered up to $3.75 million.

Multi-factor authentication is used by BitIRA, It's a security feature that protects users' identities by asking users to log in or access their accounts with various pieces of information. A password, a 2-factor authentication code, or a fingerprint scan can all be used.

BitIRA says that your cryptocurrency assets are safe since they are held on a device that is fully disconnected from the internet (They are stored offline in a cold storage device). You won't be able to use your cryptocurrency unless you require it. Your coins, according to BitIRA, are housed in grade-5 nuclear bunkers that are monitored by specialists 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing a level of protection that no other bitcoin IRA can match.

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