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Verified helps make unhosted wallets KYC compliant

Overview simplifies the friction of KYC making onboarding of new customers easier for both the brand and the user.

In essence, Argos allows a single instance of KYC to be rolled out to other apps the wallet is then synced to without compromising the user's data.


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$0.4 per user
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  • Streamlines KYC process when using more than 1 platform


  • Argos ID does not yet conduct full KYC checks themselves


  • Face recognition tech
  • User owned control
  • One-click verify ID
  • Biometric info included





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What is Argos.ID?

Argos.ID is a service that's helping make unhosted wallets KYC compliant.

It simplifies the use of KYC documentation for both user and business, massively reducing the time it takes to upload and organise the necessary documents for KYC.

What problem does solve?

When first getting into crypto and blockchain dapps, I remember sitting with my driving licence out on my desk.


Because every new dApp I signed into needed to perform some level of Know your customer (KYC).

I'd have to upload my personal details, a selfie, and a photo ID multiple times per day.

Often, I'd then get some form of "we need you to do step X again" message meaning I'd have to waste even more time on KYC.

The best bit? Some of those services still haven't followed up years later.

It's worrying to think my personal details are lost in the ether.

Argos.ID is hoping to make the process of KYC easier and faster for both business and user.

With Argos, a user uploads their KYC data once.

They can then use it to link to various platforms that require KYC for approval and use.

The result should be a huge saving in time for the user and more uniform KYC documents from users for the brand.

The best bit is how you can later delete your information from Argos if you decide you no longer want to use the service.

How to get started with Argos.ID

If you're a brand who wants to use Argos to help with KYC, head tot heir site and hit the contact sales button.

If you want to use Argos to make KYC easier, head tot heir site and look for the below button.

How to sign up to Argos.ID

Click that and sign up with the service of your choice.

After you've confirmed that sign up, it'll open a small light box to create your Argos ID.

How to create an Argos.ID account

Follow the steps from here which are your basic KYC data information uploads.

Complete this and wait for verification.

once verified, you can add your wallet to your Argos.ID account which should enable you to sync your KYC data with that wallet making future KYC checks much faster.

How much does Argos.ID cost?

Argos,ID is free for users.

Brands are charged $0.4 per user, per month and are billed on an annual basis.

Argos.ID contact

You can contact the Argos.ID team through their website or through the below channels.

Argos.ID Twitter.

Argos.ID LinkedIn

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