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Ambire AdEx

Ambire is a Web3 native advertising exchange for display ads
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Ambire AdEx


Ambire AdEx creates a direct payment relationship between advertiser and publisher. By cutting out intermediaries, advertisers and pubvlishers are able to save on paying third party fees. you cut off

The primary goal of Ambire is to help advertisers and publishers in the Web3 space maximize results and profits - all while protecting user privacy.

Ambire AdEx


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Ambire AdEx

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Ambire AdEx
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  • Web3 native ad network
  • Direct payment relationship between advertiser and publisher


  • Good ad campaigns require experts to tweak settings


  • Display network
  • Real-time reporting
  • Self-governance
  • Privacy focused


Ambire AdEx




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Ambire AdEx

Ambire AdEx


Ambire AdEx


What is Ambire AdEx

Ambire AdEx is a display marketing network that's built specifically for Web3 advertisers and publishers.

Ambire takes a slightly different approach to the selling of ad space by giving the publisher more control. Ambire also cuts out the middle men and intermediaries you'll find in most other display advertising networks, the result is cheaper for advertisers and more profitable for publishers.

The ad platform operates in DAI, however you can purchase DAI in crypto or fiat directly through their platform.

They explain their unique model as below.

Ambire AdEx model

What problem does Ambire AdEx solve?

There are a couple of issues when it comes to advertising for Web3 brands.

The first issue is how a lot of Web3 brands aren't really understood by existing advertising networks. This results in frequent bans or throttling of reach and lengthy times to get publisher accounts approved.

Having a Web3 native platform should help to mitigate those risks.

Secondly is how dependent a lot of platforms are on a handful of large intermediaries who set costs and payouts for publishers.

Ambire's system allows publishers to set their prices and advertisers to book at the prices listed without third party fees.

The result is more profitable ads for the publisher, and more affordable campaigns for the advertiser.

How to get started with Ambire AdEx

To get started with Ambire, head to the site and click on "Go To Platform". Once done, you'll see a page that looks like the below.

Ambire AdEx sign up

Follow the sign up process using the method you're most comfortable with. Bear in mind if you use MetaMask or Trezor and you lose access to that wallet, you'll also lose access to your Ambire Ad account.

Once you've started the set up process, you'll be asked to fill in more details.

Sign up for Ambire AdEx

Complete the fields and move on to the next step.

You'll find yourself within the Ambire dashboard where you'll be able to run ads or assign ad space on your site.

Ambire adex dashboard
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Ambire AdEx