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Alchemy offers various development tools to help build Web3 dApps.



Alchemy provides one of the leading blockchain development platforms. At the time of writing, they power millions of users in 197 countries.

The guiding principle of Alchemy is to provide fundamentla tools and building blocks to Web3 developers making the creation and adoption of dApps easier.



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  • Multiple tools
  • Tried and tested by many
  • Industry leading name


  • Still very technical


  • Multiple APIs
  • Multiple chains supported
  • Extensive SDK






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What is Alchemy? 

Alchemy is a Web3 development platforms that's working to help make the development of dApps easier and faster for all.

With Alchemy, developers get access to several tools and detailed documentation to help them create dApps.

Alchemy is one of the most well-known development platforms aailable in the Web3 dev space today.

What problem does Alchemy solve?

Developing any new piece of software is a difficult task.

Plenty of Web 2.0 brands have tried and failed to create new pieces of software, and it always costs them large sums of money and a lot of time.

When you add the new tech needed for Web3, there's an even greater chance of failure.

Long story short, there's a lot that can be done in Web3 development, but only if you have the right skills.

So many developers out there haven't yet made the jump. Often because they're not sure where to start or how to build for Web3.

This is what Alchemy is helping to solve.

Alchemy provides a number of powerful tools to help educate and enable Web3 developers in their journey to create industry leading dApps.

What can be built with Alchemy?

While the potential use cases for Web3 dApps is really only limited by your imagination and ability, there are a few specific use cases that Alchemy themselv es highlight on their site.

in particular, the Alchemy website focuses on...

  • NFT solutions and collections
  • Crypto wallets
  • DeFi protocols
  • Data analytics solutions
  • DAO services

What Blockchains does Alchemy support?

Alchemy supports development on the following chains.

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Solana
  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism
  • Astar
  • Starknet

What products does Alchemy offer users (and what do they do)?

While Alchemy is advertised as a Web3 development platform, they offer a number of specific products to help people win the Web3 dev journey. A short explanation of them is below.

  • Supernode - A Web3 API
  • NFT API - A multi-chain API to launch, verify, analyze, trade and display NFTs
  • SDK - The Alchemy SDK allows you to connect your dApp to the blockchain.
  • Transact - Transactions that are reportedly 7.9x faster, 100% success rate, frontrunning protection.
  • Spearmint - Tools for NFT creators to get started fast
  • Notify - Notify allows developers to send real-time push notifications to users for critical events.
  • Enhanced APIs - Growing suite of enhanced API methods to make your life as a developer easier.

Alchemy contact details

You can contact the Alchemy team through the website or through the below channels.

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