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Web3 CRMs

3RM is a CRM built spec ifically for Web3 brands
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3RM is a CRM purpose-built for Web3. It aims to help marketers and funders of Web3 projects connect with the right people at the right time.

It links with all of the primary communication channels for Web3 and offers management of all through a single dash board.



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  • Links to Telegram, Discord, and email for a complete Web3 customer comms view
  • Works for individuals and organizations


  • New tech


  • One dashboard for all customer comms
  • Includes network of decision makers in various orgs






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What is 3RM

3RM is a CRM for Web3. A CRM is a customer relationship management platform.

In short, 3RM allows a brand, organisation, or even an individual better manage the communications with the people who are within their community.

3RM offers a single dashboard where someone can respond to messages, questions, and outreach from people across multiple platforms.

At the time of writing, it appears that 3RM supports messages through Telegram, Discord, email.

According to their site, they'll be able to help you connect to the right people whether or not their real identity is known or not.

Why problem does 3RM solve?

Web3 communications are currently split across multiple different channels. And often, users switch between channels to handle single conversations.

They might begin a chant in public on a Twitter feed. Then move that convo to DMs before deciding that Telegram would be a better option.

The result is a complex, difficult to follow conversation. For organisations who are fielding dozens of these kind of convos every day/week, it becomes unmanageable.

3RM helps marketers, founders, and customer support agents in Web3 tie all of these conversation chains together in one place. the result is a single dashboard which the brand can use to easily manage these cross chain comms.

In addition to this core functionality, 3RM has something they've termed "the network".

Using their own tech, the network allows anyone to connect with decision makers at major Web3 brands by sending a simple connection request.

3RM's crm network

This is a great proof of concept and can really speed the time it takes to find the right person to connect with.

How to get started with 3RM

At the time of writing, 3RM is in closed beta.

You can apply for access on their site by joining their waitlist.

We'll have more information on how to get started once they fully launch.

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