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2.5 intelligence

2.5 intelligence is a suite of web3 tools that create branded Bots for projects to maximize engagement.

2.5 intelligence


With 2.5 intelligence brands are able to easily create various bots for their Discord communities. These bots are aimed at increasing the engagemetn and information a brand can display to their users effortlessly.

2.5 intelligence


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2.5 intelligence

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2.5 intelligence
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  • Easy to use
  • NFT support
  • Keep up to date information


  • Not entirely free


  • It provides instant alerts for wallet activities
  • Instant NFT sales and listings alerts across all marketplaces
  • Customizable Twitter sales alerts for any NFT collection across all marketplaces


2.5 intelligence




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2.5 intelligence

2.5 intelligence


2.5 intelligence


What is 2.5 intelligence?

2.5 Intelligence is a project built to maintain a better web3 internet by maximizing engagement with custom branded bots and bespoke engagement solutions to ensure the success of your web3 projects.

It is co-founded by drinksbydrew.eth and erkzh.eth

What problem does 2.5 Intelligence solve? 

Being a crypto community moderator or manager may require a lot of work to keep up with the community members. 2.5  intelligence helps ease community moderators tasks. 

It creates a custom branded bots that uses a combination of on-chain and off-chain data to help you with user acquisition, maximizing engagement, leveling up the community with instant information and the success of your web3 project. 

What are 2.5 Intelligence's use cases?

Aside from managing and engaging audiences and level up community members,  2.5 intelligence branded Bot can be used for;

  • Provide and instant alert on all Ethereum mint
  • NFT wallet tracking
  • Whitelisting, sales and listing of NFTs  

Who uses 2.5 intelligence

It is available for all crypto users, moderators, community manager and web3 investors

How to get started with 2.5 intelligence

Visit 2.5 intelligence official website, click on get started to select your preferred plan.

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2.5 intelligence