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A free list of places to promote your Web3 project

Get sheet -> follow instructions -> attract more users.

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What's included?

1 - A detailed sheet explaining where you can promote your project

The sheet

The sheet includes over 100 locations where you can list, promote, and or talk about your Web3 project.

Some of these places are communities of ideal Web3 users.

Some are potential working collaborations.

All will help you drive more traffic to your offer.

2 - Segment by budget

Find a channel you can afford

Not received funding and pre-revenue? 

No problems. We've got a bunch of cool places you can promote your brand for free.

Need to step things up and scale up your brand exposure?

There's a tonne of paid advertising resources to expose your brand to countless new potential users.

3 - Long term benefits

Line goes up

A lot of promotions simply create a nice little spike of interest and traffic today.

We've added a number of co-promotion and collaboration options within that will continue to increase traffic to your projects for months and years to come.

Double these up, and the benefits compound to create huge gains.

4 - Video elements

A little helping hand

I recorded a couple of short videos for each section of this sheet to help you understand what the category is for, and how to et the most out of it.

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Who are you and why should I trust you?

I'm Pete Boyle.

I started my marketing career as a growth focused copywriter and moved into growth strategy.

Over a 10 year career I've helped various startups increase revenue and improve KPIs to help them scale and/or secure funding.

I'm now helping Web3 brands build more trust and credibility in the space through user generated reviews.

This is one way I can help great projects drive traffic to their offer.

You can see some of my growth marketing studies over at

Why is this free?

Because I created it for myself to help with the growth of Decent Reviews.

After looking at it, I decided that this could help a lot of other projects in the space so I cleaned it up and am offering it for free.

The full curiculum

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