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Alex Fatuliaj explains the ins and outs of good tokenomics for Web3 projects

What's in this episode?

The vast majority of Web3 projects we review seem to have or want to implement a project token.

Thing is, a lot don't put the research time into really understanding...

  • Why they need a token
  • Whether or not it adds value
  • Supply and demand for their token

They're often playing a short term game when they should be looking at long term gains.

We spoke to Alex Fatuliaj, a tokenomics consultant and co-founder of Simplicity consultancy, to discover the common mistakes many projects make with their tokens.

If you're a project looking to implement a token, you'll earn some valuable things form this.  If you're a Web3 user about to jump in with a project that has its own token, you'll know what to look for and avoid by watching this.

Find more of Alex through the below.  

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