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We give 10 USDC to the best review every single day

How to enter for the 10 USDC daily giveaway

  1. Find a Web3 tool/service you've used through the search bar below
  2. Leave an honest, helpful review at the bottom of the page

And that's it.

Every day we choose the best, most comprehensive review and send the user 10 USDC.

Terms and conditions below.

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Terms and conditions

For your entry to be eligible and to receive payment, there are a few guiding principles that need to be followed.

  1. Reviews must be 100% honest. Any reviews that are obviously promotional will be removed from the site and the reviewer blocked from leaving further reviews.
  2. Reviews must not include links. Any links to third party sites included in reviews will result in the review being removed and the reviewer being blocked from leaving further reviews.
  3. Reviews must include detailed text. Reviews that only choose a star rating or drop non-helpful, short reviews like "I like the service" will not be eligible for the giveaway and will not be entered into the draw.
  4. Reviews that include relevant images will get an extra entry. Images are a great way to help others understand issues or benefits of services. If you can add relevant images to highlight your points, an extra entry will be added for you.
  5. Payment will be through Binance pay. The ETH payment equivalent to $100 at the time of the winners announcement will be transferred through Binance Pay. To receive payment, you must sign up for Binance. If you win, the team will reach out for your Binance pay username to send you your winnings.
  6. There is no limit to the platforms you can review. If you've used and have an opinion that you think needs to be shared of 100 platforms, you can review all 100 to get 100 entires. However, reviewing the same platform several times will result in only 1 entry. Abuse of this will result in banning your accounts.
  7. For queries and questions, reach out to support. Email address is support (@)