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How to Spot
Crypto Scams

The simple system to analyse, identify, and avoid common NFT, cryptocurrency, and Web3 scams
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Customer Review

Super easy to read and digest, this little gem of a book has given me a whole new perspective into the world of crypto, along with actionable strategies to make sure I can recognise scams (super important).

Alba Rodriguez

If the constant news of cryptocurrency scams and NFT rug-pulls are putting you off investing in Web3 projects, this is what you need.

Every day there's a new hack or scam that robs crypto investors of millions of dollars or NFT owners of highly valuable assets. It's no wonder there are so many people saying cryptocurrency and blockchain are "unsafe" and "not to be trusted".

It's understandable. In 2021 alone crypto hackers stole over $1billion of assets from investors. Being afraid to make the wrong move with anything related to blockchain technology is actually pretty smart.

Here's the thing.

There's still a huge opportunity in this space. Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other Web3 projects are making money faster than any other financial vehicle.

And now is the perfect time to get involved. We're still incredibly early in Web3. Only around 4% of the global population is investing in this industry. And with more big players getting involved in the space, the people who get in now are poised to be in a powerful position in 5-10 years.

That is if you can avoid the scams, rug-pulls, and pump and dumps littering the crypto space right now. Thankfully, that's exactly what this short guide will help you do.

We've analysed the common patterns and systems scammers and hackers use to steal cryptocurrencies and NFT investments from everyday Web3 users. And we've outlined a couple of simple safety measures and checks yu can take to reduce the chance of falling into a scammers trap.

In this guide you'll learn...

  • The simple steps to add extra layers of security that make your assets much harder to steal
  • How to analyse the founding members of new projects to quickly identify obvious rug-pulls
  • The dead giveaway tokenomic breakdowns that are huge red flags for new projects
  • Common indicators from influencers and community members that are found in almost every Web3 crypto scam

You'll walk away from reading this book with a checklist that gives you the confidence to spot obvious crypto scams, meaning you can invest in projects you trust.

If we can all take these actions and reduce the ability and impact of scams and hacks, we can build more trust in cryptocurrency, NFT, blockchain and DeFi projects. Which will benefit all of the holders who were here early and could see the huge potential Web3 presents for the world.Get your copy now and know all about cryptocurrency scams and NFT rug-pulls.

Secure your assets and make sure that every investment you make is safer that simply trusting the common buzz you'll find on crypto Twitter and Discord servers.


what you'll learn

Learn the simple core methods of fundamental analysis

How to analyze the founding team
A simple checklist to ensure the project you're investing in is led by trustworthy people.
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Checking project tokenomics
Is the project set up for your benefit, or as a simple rug-pull to make the founders richer?
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Who's promoting them?
Judge them by the company they keep and look at who - and how - they're promoting the project.
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A little sneak peek...

What you'll get...

Examples from real projects
Talking around an idea isn't enough. Where possible, we've included links and references to real projects to show you how things should - and shouldnm't - be done in the real world.
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Specific advice on what to look for
We'll show you exactly what to look for when combing through projects to discover whether it's trustworthy of not.
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Is this really free?
Yup. 100% free. Drop your email address and you'll receive a copy in your iunbox within 3-5 minutes!
Why are you doing this?
Because there are far too many scams in the Web3 and Crypto space. Any work we can do to make the space safer is good for us all.
Who are you?
I'm Pete. I've spent the last 10 years helping grow digital businesses.
In particular, doing in-depth research on the best growth marketing strategies.
Now I'm applying that deep research to crypto to help you avoid being scammed.
Do I need to know anything before reading?
No. This is intended to help people get their start in Web3 without losing money unnecessarily on scams and hacks.
Do I need in-depth technical knowledge to understand this?
Nope. No need to know how to assess smart contracts or read code. This is about looking for key red-flags that most scam projects have in common.
What do I need to assess crypto projects for scams?
Nothing more than the internet and some social media profiles.
And of course the ability to think critically.