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White Hat Hacker Gummo Claims Ownership of $7 Billion in BTC - Fact or Fiction?

Former black-hat hacker Gummo revealed that his bitcoin stash is worth $7 billion.

In one of his follow-up interviews on Soft White Underbelly, he made the revelation.

Quick take:

  • Gummo revealed in a recent interview that he owns $7 billion in BTC.
  • From a black-hat hacker to a white-hat hacker, he narrates his 36 years of hacking journey.

Gummo, a former black hat hacker, appeared in a follow-up interview on Soft White Underbelly Youtube channel. He revealed in the interview that he has a $7 billion worth BTC stash. The revelation spread like wildfire across many platforms.

"I am quite wealthy… I do not have to work if I do not choose to. I have over $7 billion worth of bitcoin."

As per his claims, during writing, he would be holding 171347.32 BTC, with BTC trading at $40,852 per coin.

36 years of hacking journey

Gummo first appeared on Soft White Underbelly in December 2020. During the interview, he explained how he became a hacker and his upbringing. 

Computers helped him cope with the loss of a single parent in his childhood. He has been a hacker for more than 36 years of his life.

Initially, his hacking journey was filled with illicit activities. But in the interview, it was clear that all his actions were for mere survival and nothing to amass wealth.

Later on, he was caught by the authorities and was left with two options: ending up in jail or putting his hacking skills to good use.

He chose the latter and ended up being a white hat hacker. He helped various organizations and firms create highly secured networks throughout his journey.

Gummo’s words left a significant impact on the users, evident from the video’s comment section. Many viewers commented that Gummo’s words had made such an impact on their life. It has also motivated many to pursue cyber security as a career.

As cryptocurrency adoption grows, so do crypto scams and hacks. The role of white hat hackers is crucial for keeping the whole system safe and secure, identifying loopholes, and keeping user funds safe.

As for his claim that he owns $7 billion worth BTC, there is no evidence to back his claim other than his words. A photo posted on his Twitter account captioned: 

“summer 2013 in my lab mining #Bitcoin :) across the street from the Chicago board of Trade” can be viewed as solid proof that he had started mining Bitcoin early.

In the first video, he addressed that he had built four supercomputers for mining in 2013, which generated over 80,000 BTC in a year and a half. 

From his 40 min long interview, it's pretty evident that Gummo is an honest and straightforward person who seeks happiness in helping others stay safe. He is certainly not a person who likes to boast his skills. 

“Knowing that I‘m preventing someone’s grandmother from being a victim of some sort of cyber extortion scheme, that’s the thing I get up for each day, and those are the things that motivate me currently,” he said.

As for the reality of whether he owns such a hefty bitcoin bag, he still works a 9 to 5 job helping organizations and people stay safe.

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