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Soulaymane Exposed as the $1.6 Million Crazy Camels NFT Rug Puller

Quick take:

  • French e-commerce guru Soulaymane Mahzoul was exposed by Zachxbt.
  • He was accused of rug pulling investors for over $1.6 million.
  • He was tied to the NFT project Crazy Camels and several others.

Another NFT rug puller is on the run after being uncovered by crypto and blockchain investigator Zachxbt. Soulaymane Mahzoul, a French e-commerce specialist, is the uncovered mastermind.

He is said to be the curator of the Crazy Camels NFT project's $1.6 million NFT rug pull. Currently, he is said to be involved in several similar rug pull projects.

Unveiling Souley’s journey

Crazy Camels, a pfp NFT project that began in October 2021 with a collection of 10,000 NFTs, was started by Souley. The presale price was 0.1 ETH, while the general sale price was 0.3 ETH.

Many of these rug-pulling episodes start off the same way, with lavish freebies and an ingenious plan.

The entire project was on track as the presale went online. However, demand was lower than projected during the public auction, most likely because of the mint price.

Instead of lowering the price of the NFT, the team decided to cut the supply to 2k from 10k. Despite lowering supply, the Camel project was able to raise $1.6 million.

The whole crew vanished shortly after the sale was completed. The sales netted Souley a haul of 200 ETH ($909k).

Members of the CC project's disgruntled community decided to stand up and resurrect the project without the funds.

Zachxbt dug deeper into Souley's address and discovered some fascinating facts. He was clearly involved in several rug pull NFT projects.

He received $203k from metab_nft, $160k from TheMetaStars, $82k from missuniversenft (RUG), and $50.2k from fashionapenft, among other projects.

By contacting some related address owners anonymously, Zachxbt could obtain Souley's address. Zach is confident that Souley has many addresses.

It's terrible and frightening to see them rob investors, disappear, and live luxuriously. Souley, like Laurent, is presently based in Dubai. Zachxbt has also posted a tweet requesting that Laurent and Soulaymane be reported to the Dubai police.

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