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Pump and Dump Influencer Vivian Exposed - Is She Innocent?

Quick take:

  • Crypto sleuth and rug pull survivor zachxbt exposed another pump and dump scheme influencer.
  • Crypto trader Vivian is the one who was exposed.
  • In a long thread, one of her victims explains Vivian's lies.

Pump and Dump schemes are usually illegal schemes where false information is spread to create a buying fever that boosts the value of the stock or crypto. 

Those in the know then sell their assets while the price is at its highest for massive profit. 

Unfortunately the price often then plummets, leaving other investors with nothing. 

With crypto adoption on the rise, influencers with a decent number of followers are promoting crypto scams and pump and dump schemes.

Crypto detective zachxbt exposes crypto scams, rug pulls, and security loopholes, trying to create awareness in the community. 

An investigation led by him exposed Vivian, who is a crypto trader well known for her pump and dump activities.

Exposing Vivians’ lies

Vivian runs a paid Discord server where she drops paid signals. One user named CjbCrypto wrote a long thread explaining her doings. 

After the user exposed her activities in the thread, users spammed zachxbt in the comment section, asking him to expose Vivian.

Zachxbt tweeted that “ Says a she doesn’t need a paid group bc she makes $$$ from trading. What do you know she then opens a paid group.”

The accusation against her is that most of her trade calls are lies. She generally picks low-volume shitcoins for her calls after she buys them. Then she lets her followers buy, which pumps the price by 20-100%. She then dumps on them and calls it a “perfect pump.” 

She tries to defend herself by saying that “It's impossible to pump a small-cap token”

Trying to prove her innocence

Ever since zachxbt exposed Vivian, she has been trying to prove her innocence. On one of his threads, she replied: It’s an open challenge Zach if you prove that I’m associated with any of these tokens, I’ll pay you a million dollars. These are scalp trades and if you are calling it pump and dump I have no words. I haven’t done anything or will do anything to hurt anyone.”

A few of the community members have come to her rescue, claiming that she is innocent. Well, some say that it is Vivian who is asking her community to spread good words about her in the comment section. 

We will have to wait and see until further investigation as to whether she is innocent or not. But Zach thinks that her trade calls pretty much explain that she is pumping and dumping.

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