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NFT Supergroup KINGSHIP Launches NFT Print Boxes in Collaboration With M&M

KINGSHIP, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) themed metaverse platform, has partnered with confectioneries giant M&M’s to create digital collectible-themed candies.

With the Non-Fungible Token ecosystem largely in its infancy, the partnership between KINGSHIP and M&Ms is one that has redefined how best to remember Rock ‘n’ Roll legends. 

KINGSHIP is often called the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) supergroup and consists of three rare Bored Ape and a super rare Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC).

Fostering inclusivity, KINGSHIP is a group with defined roles featuring the four members including Captain, KING, Arnell, and Hud. Framed as a functional music band, their rider, which is a list of items the group requests to have backstage, always includes M&M'S®of all colors.

The partnership will see M&M create the NFTs that will bear the images of these rare NFTs in limited editions.

M&M NFT partnership with Kingship

Going by its decades-long history, the partnership with KINGSHIP also reestablish M&M as one of the top goto suppliers of the confectioneries demands of Rock ‘n’ Roll legends in history.

"Consumers' expectations for what they want from their favorite brands has shifted, and at Mars, we know we need to be more innovative than ever with such a culturally famous brand like M&M'S," 

Said Jane Hwang, Global Vice President at Mars Wrigley. 

"We're excited to continue our Mars foray into the metaverse through this partnership with 10:22PM and KINGSHIP, as a way to engage our fans in a new and exciting space."

Digital Collectibles are Fueling Innovation

KINGSHIP showcases how digital innovation can be used to fuel creativity. 

5,000 access-enabled Key Cards that unlock the world of KINGSHIP have not just sold out on OpenSea, but have remained the top traded Music-hinged NFT collection.

Kingship collections on Opensea

Powered by 10:22PM™, a Universal Music Group's next-gen label, KINGSHIP has continued to set the pace in metaverse-related promotions in its short history.

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