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Logan Paul Drops His New NFT Project ‘99 Originals’ - Will History Repeat Itself?

Quick take:

  • Logan Paul drops his new NFT collection called the “99 Originals.”
  • Coffeezilla and Zachxbt had revealed some of Logan’s previous projects to remind him.

Coffeezilla dropped a video on July 12, 2021, revealing some of Logan’s crypto promotions. Logan, at that time, was promoting a coin called “Dink Doink.” Coffeezilla mentioned that the coin actually had zero usefulness. He added to the conversation that everyone is trying to run a Ponzi scheme nowadays. He said that once users know that it's a scam, then they can drop another scam and that it is not a big deal.

Logan Paul, in a video, says that Dink Doink is going to be a big multimedia coin with cartoons involved. The funny thing is that the CEO of Dink Doink noted that the project emerged when they both were chilling and thinking of the stupidest name for a memecoin. And thus, Dink Doink came up as it was clearly an idea by Logan Paul. Coffeezilla says that “you promote it like it is a cool thing, but it is your thing.”

It’s not just Logan Paul, but the entire Impaulsive team was promoting it.

Logan’s 99 Originals

In reply to Logan’s 99 Originals announcement, Zachxbt tweeted: “Remember when you rugged everyone for millions with these cash grabs just last year. When will they be reimbursed?”

Another Twitter user named Bagsy had this to say about Logan Paul’s new project.

Logan Paul's latest NFT project, 99 Originals, was just released. According to Paul's most recent interview with The Block, in the months following an exhibition battle with heavyweight boxer Floyd Mayweather, he felt like he had done all he had ever wanted to do.

For his first big NFT collection, Paul set out on a mission to acquire the oddest and wackiest photographs he could discover, all photographed with a genuine Polaroid camera and actual film. The plan was to shoot 99 photos in 99 days and use them to create a digital art collection that reflected himself. He states that his journey took him to the pinnacle of highs and the depths of lows.

Let’s wait to see how this NFT collection will turn out to be.

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