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French Influencer Laurent Correia Exposed for His $960K NFT Rug Pull

Quick take:

  • Crypto sleuth Zachxbt exposed another rug pull mastermind.
  • Famous French influencer Laurent Correia cheated investors out of over $960k.

The popular French influencer who, in fact, even has a reality TV show was exposed by Zachxbt. Zachxbt is a crypto investigator who frequently busts and uncovers rug pullers, scammers, and hackers.

The influencer named Laurent Correia played a significant role in the Billionaire Dog NFT rug pull that looted investors of $960k.

Exposing Correia’s Dog NFT rug pull

The Billionaire Dog NFT project was launched in December 2021 when various influencers were on a spree promoting the project. The influencers promised giveaways and luxury cars for participating in the project.

The project was launched initially with 6500 NFTs at 0.1 ETH presale and 0.2 ETH public price. But once the project began minting, due to low demand, the supply was reduced to 2000 NFTs.

Within a week of the public mint the team disappeared, and the Discord and website were both deleted.

Laurant received over $400k directly to his public wallet. Zachxbt identified his wallet easily as Laurant blatantly spent the money on a MAYC 18272, CloneX, and Doodle. He was also stupid enough to show his purchase on his Instagram, thinking he wouldn’t be busted.

He currently resides in Dubai, flexing his wealthy lifestyle on Instagram. Zachxbt has even tagged the Dubai police in his thread so that they can bring him to justice.

Correia used his flashy lifestyle to lure investors, promising giveaways. The details released by Zachxbt might be enough for the victims to take action against him. At present, since he is residing in the UAE, only the UAE police can be of help.

Influencers are on the bandwagon promoting fake NFT projects and scams. We recently released how influencers like Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather use their broad audience to promote such scams. It's best to stay away from such projects as most of these projects are nothing but paid promotions.

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