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Floyd Mayweather Returns With a New NFT Launch - Does It Smell Scammy?

Floyd Mayweather enters the NFT game with a new NFT project.

Coffeezilla dropped a new video citing the history of Money Mayweather and crypto.

Quick take:

  • Floyd has promoted a chain of scam coins and projects, most of which are worthless now.
  • He is currently being sued for promoting EthereumMax along with Kim Kardashian.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather isn’t new to the money game. He’s back after being banned by the SEC on November 30th, 2018 for 3 years for the promotion of a scammy ICO called Centra Tech.

Immediately after his ban was lifted, Floyd, along with Kim Kardashian, was sued again for promoting EthereumMax.

This time he is headed directly into the NFT game.

Floyd is ready for another bloody round with the SEC

Floyd announced the launch of his new NFT project on Twitter. This time he’s dropping 5,000 NFTs (5 different NFT cards of 1,000 each). He named the project “Mayweverse.” He said in the video that he had been working on the project for months.

“And if you in the NFT world and you betting on me, You will never lose,” he said in the video. We will know more about the condition of his NFT project in a few months closer to the time of launch. It's a matter of debate as to whether it will be as solid as his boxing career.

His first NFT promotion was indeed a huge success, but only for Floyd. He earned $4.9 million for that promotion. But his fans were unlucky as the project price dropped by 90%.

Following the announcement of his new NFT launch, one Twitter user had this specific question for Floyd:

Another scam project promoted by Floyd was the “Bored Bunny.” Well, guess what? After the drop, the price plummeted by 90%, making the investors furious. 

It was followed by its sequel, called the “Bored Bad Bunny.” His ordinary fans were the less fortunate ones, who ended up with huge losses.

Floyd has faced two lawsuits from the SEC, which included the Centra Tech ICO where he was charged $100,000 as a fine.

It seems like Floyd is ready for another round. As he quoted, “When it comes to legalized bank robbing, I’m the best.”

Time will tell when the SEC will be ready to gear up and enter the ring. Is it gonna be a KO? Let’s wait to find out.

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