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Ethereum Merge looks certain after the success of the Goerli merge 

Quick take

  • Goerli testnet has been successfully merged
  • Sets the groundwork for Ethereum merge to go ahead on time
  • If all continues to plan, Ethereum will be a PoS chain by the end of the year

The much-awaited Ethereum Merge, set to take place mid-September, is now almost certaint after the success of the Goerli test merge. 

Goerli was the final remaining testnet scheduled for the Merge, after Ropsten and Sepolia. 

The Goerli testnet has been successfully merged today becoming a proof-of-stake chain. 

It serves as proof of confidence that there will be no further delays in the tentative Ethereum mainnet Merge due on September 19.

Ever since the successful completion of the Goerli merge, Twitter has been exploding with hopeful comments from key figures in the Ethereum ecosystem, who have been sharing their excitement and enthusiasm about the final Merge about to take place in due time.

Marius van der Wijden, an Ethereum developer stated that initially there was a bit of confusion from two different terminal blocks and a handful of nodes that were not updated. 

It did cause some delay but eventually, things were okay and good to go.

Developers and enthusiasts are now confident that the Ethereum mainnet merge with the PoS-supported Beacon Chain will take place without any hindrance. 

The Ethereum transition to a PoS blockchain will be one of the most significant upgrades in the history of blockchain. It will help realize Ethereum’s vision of long-term scalability, sustainability, and security. Moreover, it will effectively reduce energy costs. 

According to their official documentation, Eth 2.0 will help reduce the energy needed to operate by 99.95%.

Eth 2.0 merge information

Upon successful completion of the Merge, the next phase for Ethereum would be the sharding upgrades, enhancing the distribution of data storage requirements, making it easier to operate nodes, and making rollups much more cost-effective.

What does Goerli’s successful merge mean for you? 

In short, in means that Eth 2.0 is set to succeed. 

Which to put in basic terms means better scalability at lower costs for anything operating on the Ethereum blockchain.  

This will be a hugue development for bloickchain tech on the whole.  

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