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$ADA is powering its own Metaverse named ‘Cardalonia’, preparing for the Presale of land

Quick Take:

  • Cardano is claiming to launch the biggest metaverse ecosystem called Cardalonia ($LONIA)
  • The Web3 startup has teamed up with a company named ‘Ready Player Me’ to make it happen.
  • They announced that the startup has already raised $420,000 in a pre-seed round.

Cardalonia ($LONIA), is the latest in the line of Web3 startups claiming to build an enormous metaverse ecosystem on Cardano ($ADA)

Cardano has partnered with Estonia-based Ready Player Me to build the metaverse. 

According to early reports, the Cardanlonia will be an NFT-based play-to-earn (P2E) game based on Cardano.  

At the time of writing, they’ve raised $420,000 in a pre-seed round.   

So what is Cardalonia ($LONIA)?

The developers describe Cardalonia as a Blockchain Strategy Game.

Cardalonia Metaverse homepage

It is also one of the earliest Metaverse projects launching on the Cardano ($ADA) blockchain. 

The players taking part in this game will have the privilege of building, owning, and customizing their individual experiences on the $ADA Blockchain.

Vasil Air, one of the founders and CTO of the project, mentioned that their objective is to build a creator-friendly interactive platform that will supersede the giant players already existing in the market, such as Decentraland and Sandbox which are primarily developed on the Ethereum blockchain

Cardalonia project roadmap

Cardalonia has launched the $LONIA token, its native in-game currency. It will appear on the exchange listing in August.

It will be the central utility token/currency for the metaverse. It will also be used to purchase Land or join a Clan. Users can use the token to create tools to obtain resources in the P2E blockchain game.

Cardalonia project roadmap

The Token holders can also purchase Cardalonia Lands in the metaverse.

It is still in the nascent stages of development. Cardalonia will be a self-sustaining DAO and the major decisions will be taken by those who possess the $LONIA tokens holders. They will have the authority to vote and direct the future of Cardalonia.

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