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Haven1 is an EVM compatible blockchain that focuses on solutions for the future of finance.

There's a strong focus on security with Haven1. They've built several countermeasures and risk-controls at the network layer to help secure users of the chain from falling victim to hacks, exploits, and other malicious activity.

Before any project can go live on chain, they must go through a thorough review to ensure they comply with industry-leading standards.

No. of Nodes:
Type of chain:
L1 EVM Compatible
Consensus mechanism:

Proof of authority


  • Purpose-built for DeFi
  • EVM compatible
  • Transparent and fully verifiable
  • Robust, scalable infrastructure
  • Open source


  • New and not as established as others


  • On-chain lending
  • Integration with real-world assets
  • Global exchange and settlement

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Yield App

Yield App
Supported chains
Yield App is a digital asset wealth management platform that allows users to earn high-interest rates on a variety of cryptocurrency assets.
  • High-interest rates of up to 17% APY for YLD token holders.
  • Exposure to DeFi and other digital asset investment strategies.
  • No gas fees.
  • Daily interest payments.
  • Rewards are not automatically added or compounded. Users must manually reinvest their rewards inside their account.
  • Limited number of supported assets (USDT, USDC, ETH and BTC).

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What is Haven1?

Haven1 is a Layer 1 blockchain built specficially for decentralised finance. The chain was incubated by Yield App, a popular crypto investing service.

Haven1 has been purpose built with security and scalability in mind to enabled better management and growth of DeFi brands and apps in the space.

It combines recourse mechanisms and security guardrails from traditional finance, along with the unique features of the DeFi world,. This enables a lot of functionality that has, to this point, been unavaiable.

The Haven1 blockchain uses a Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism. This is not only more environmentally friendly that the high-energy usage of POW, but it also enables network-level risk controls to ensure regulatory compliance, without sacrificing privacy.

Best Haven1 dApps

There is no one best dApp on Haven1. It all depends on your use case. That being said, some of the more popular apps we've listed below.

Yield App

Yield app for Haven1 blockchain home page

Yield App is a popular digital wealth platform that helps users better manage their portfolio and digital assets.

As mentioned earlier, they incubated the Haven1 blockchain to purpose build a solution they felt was needed in the industry. As a result, they were the first users of the chain and continue to be one of it's most popular apps and staunchest supporters.


Fireblocks on the Haven1 chain

Fireblocks is a blockchain development platform.

They focus on the DeFi world and provide a syuite of tools and services htat help creators build tools to manage digital asset operations.

By partnering with Haven1, they're continuing to focus on building the future of DeFi in a safe, secure, and scalable manner.

What can Haven1 be used for?

Haven1 has been purpose built for the financial world. As such, it's going to work best for brands and projects who want to operate within...

  • DeFi
  • On-chain transactions
  • Insurance and/or investment

Haven1 Protocols

Haven1 is made up of three primary,.

  • An AMM (automated market maker)
  • A borrowing and lending market
  • A derivatives platform

Haven1 is planning to bring better security and KYC to the DeFi world through these protocols to help onboard more users and make the world of blockchain ac cessible for institutions and retail investors.

The use cases include the potential to use real world credit scores as reputation backstops for lending markets which could help anyone get uncollateralized loans on-chain.

Integrating with real-world assets like real estate that requires proof of identity would be enabled.

And the Haven1 provable identity framework could enable global exhange of tokenised digital assets like securities and bonds. This coul dhelp bring traditional financial markets on-chain.

Does Haven1 have a token?

Yes, Haven1 does have a token called the Haven1 token.

The token enables the following benefits.

  • Governance - Haven1 holders will have full control over the network including governing the major native applications on-chain: the automated market maker, money market, and a derivatives protocol.
  • Participation - Haven1 holders will be rewarded for their participation in the usage and growth of the network.
  • Gas fees - Users require the Haven1 token to conduct any transaction on the blockchain.

Haven1 pros

  • Purpose built for DeFi
  • EVM compatible opening up a lot of doors for collabs in the future

Haven1 Cons

  • Not yet an established player
  • Not a lot of uptake compared to other L1 solutions

Haven1 Features

  • Provable identity framework - verifies user identity before permitting any transactions
  • Network level security - Several protocols built into the network to ensure security, periodically update to be in line with best practices
  • Dispute resolution mechanism - Allow suser to recover funds from malicious activity

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