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Web3 marketing agencies

Web3 marketing agencies and consultancies help Web3 projects of all kinds generate traction and attract new users to their project.

Whether you're looking for new customers for your NFT marketplace, hoping to launch your crypto exchange, want to generate the first few users of a research tool, or seed your brand new crypto wallet with a few hundred users, these are the people, firms, and services that could help you.

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Doctor Crypto Canada

Doctor Crypto Canada
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Strategy and Project Management for projects entering the Web3 / NFT & Metaverse space.
  • Honest, no nonsense feedback
  • Experience based on 300+ consultations the past 2 years
  • Registered company based in Canada
  • Helped launch several 6 and 7 figure projects
  • Honest strategy consulting
  • Verifiable feedback
  • Canadian based


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dysrupt offers an impact advertising system focusing on social advertising.

Jumpstart your full marketing stack. Turn marketing into a competitive advantage. Remove the headache of marketing so you can focus on building a great product.


Dysrupts ideal client is 3 year old company or venture backed startup looking to grow quickly on paid social.


We're able to assist with native attribution on Meta for Web3.

Live the future Web3 marketing agency

Live the future Web3 marketing agency
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Marketing agency with expertise in the web3 market, assisting web3 projects in the development of their products in the Brazilian and Latam market, also helping companies and projects that operate in the traditional market, to assemble their plans and strategies to operate on the web3.
  • Global advertising experience
  • Web 2.0 and Web3 experience
  • Community management
  • Influencers marketing
  • Inserts and 3D creation in the metaverse
  • Blockchain ADS
  • Paid Advertisement
  • Press office
  • Token and cryptocurrency launch projects
  • Avatar and 3D modeling
  • Social media management
  • Instagram filters
  • Landing Pages
  • Whitepaper
  • Promotional videos
  • Transition from Web2 to Web3
  • Regionalization of international projectsImmersions AR/VR


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Ownership-based design team for web3 founders
  • Story driven - Zypsy's formulary processes guide the elevation of startup identity and product design
  • Integrated long-term relationships - Zypsy focuses on your success, rather than on deliverables
  • Zypsy's target audience are early-stage founders and venture capitalists
  • Zypsy forms partnerships selectively, depending on compatibility
  • Shared success - Zypsy is a design organization that allows members to gain token/equity in exchange for their contributions
  • Scalable design support - Zypsy delivers agile expertise to help you scale, eliminating resource-intensive hiring, onboarding, and management, as well as the skillset limitations of individual in-house designers


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Coinband is a Web3 marketing agency helping with the growth of Web3 and crypto brands
  • Good customer experience
  • Expertise in Web3 marketing
  • Exclusive opportunities with PR and Influencer marketing
  • Minimum marketing budget $10,000
  • We work only with Web3 projects
  • Exclusive opportunities with PR and Influencer marketing
  • Best marketing solutions for the Crypto & NFT projects
Lunar Strategy is a DeFi & Web3 marketing agency
  • Web3 native marketing agency
  • Track record of working with 150+ Web3 brands
  • Full stack growth solution
  • 90 Days ICO launch program
  • Thought leadership package
  • Community growth
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What is a Web3 marketing agency?

A Web3 marketing agency is an outsourced company that will help a Web3 brand generate new users and a positive return on their marketing investments.

These agencies and service providers will be able to help projects and brands of all kinds increase their reach and brand awareness so that they can continue to attract new users.

There are a lot of agencies out there to choose from, so we've put a few simple pointers together to help you identify the best choice for you.

Who uses Web3 marketing agencies?

There really is no ideal customer for a Web3 marketing agency beyond "A web3 brand who wants to grow".

Generally speaking, the best users of these services will already have either...

  1. Some traction and revenue to spend on the services
  2. Some form of funding to help fund the agencies actions

Basically, the project needs some form of financial aid. Marketing agencies are not in the business of helping brands for free.

And for the best results, they'll either need a reasonable investment to figure out what will best help you, or historical data on how you've managed to grow.

What's the average cost of a Web3 marketing agency? 

Price depends on a huge number of factors including...

  • Head count
  • Specialization
  • Location of agency
  • Scope of work requested

If you go with a small 2-person agency, it'll cost a lot less than a large 500+ agency.

If you want them to run all forms of marketing, it'll cost more than asking someone to handle SEO.

However, the golden rule is if it appears like too much of a good deal, it often is.

Don't cut costs as these people are handling the public facing image of your brand. Cheap and low-quality work can damage perception of your brand.

Kinds of Web3 marketing services

Web3 marketing is a sightly different ball game to Web 2.0. A lot of the tactics still work, but there are a few new channels and approaches you should consider.

Below is a short list of the common forms of Web3 marketing.

Web3 SEO and content marketing

SEO and content marketing is no different in Web3 than it was in Web 2.0.

The best agencies out there will be able to capture the demand they see on the search engines and translate that into traffic and new users for your brand.

This will often include (but not be limited to)...

  • Creation of new articles
  • Backlink generation
  • creation of video content and/or images
  • Promotion and distribution of content

Web3 Community and partner marketing

One of the big changes for Web3 is the stronger focus on communities and forums.

The community at the core of your Web3 project can make or break your brand. It can be the driving force of new improvements, or a graveyard where new people see that nothing is happening.

Growth and management of the community is key to long term benefits.

Web3 paid advertising

Paid acquisition is always going to be a fast, easy way to generate new users for any project.

Fortunately, there are some specific Web3 advertising networks and tools that make reaching the ideal audience easier.

There will also be specialists in these networks and platforms that will be able to help you generate positive returns with your ad spend.

Web3 PR marketing

PR is a big deal in Web3.

There are a lot of PR marketing agencies that can help you generate buzz for your project and get mentions in key publications to help you rank higher in google and attract more new users to your project.

Web3 social media marketing

Social media is where most Web3 projects go to generate their initial user bases.

Having a consistent social media presence is key to getting in front of new user sand convincing them that you are worth their time.

A good social media marketing agency will help you identify the best plan of attack and execute it for compounding growth.

How to choose the best Web3 marketing agency

When choosing a marketing agency, there are a few questions you need to ask tyo make sure you find someone who is the right fit for you and your brand. These are those questions.

  1. Do they have relevant experience? 

If you need SEO services but the agency only works with paid acquisition, they're not going to be much help to you.

You need to find an agency who specialises and has experience in the kind of marketing you want and need to be implemented.

If there's no overlap, there should be no agreement.

  1. Do they listen to what you want?

Some agencies come in and tell you what you need.

That can sometimes be good. But if they've not first stopped to listen about your goals, past efforts, and end goal, they're not going to know how to help you.

Make sure that your marketing agency listens to you.

  1. Are they within your budget?

If not, then you can't afford them and they won't help you.

  1. Who have they worked with in the past? 

Don't assume that just because they've worked with major names they'll be of use to you.

A lot of smaller brands do this. they simply choose those who have worked with the biggest names.

Often, their skillset doesn't match what you need.

You want to find someone who has had success with brands similar to you. That means the same industry and the same kind of size.

If you're looking to grow from 100 users to 1000, the process is a lot different than going from 100,000 to 1,000,000. You'll need someone with specific experience in helping brands like yours grow.