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The Best

Web3 communities

Communities are at the heart and soul of so many brilliant Web3 projects.

There are also a lot of Web3 communities out there that have yet to find their feet or offer any tangible usage.

If you find the right community, it can be the super power and growth catalyst you need.

If you join the wrong community you'll find zero value in it and you won't be able to help anyone else in there.

Finding the community that's not only aligned with your needs, but also your values is key in Web3. The below is a growing list of some of the best Web3 communities out there including short descriptions of what they do and who they help.

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GM.XYZ is a collection of multiple Web3 communities. you're able to add chat, forum, and token functions to your community with their service.
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What is a Web3 community?

Communities often form the core of Web3 projects.

they're places where investors, holders, or customers can all gather with the team behind the project to discuss everything from improvements needed and challenges faced, to sharing fun memes around their focus.

It's a radically different way of running a business as it puts the end user front and center. The unprecedented access to customers helps the brand, and the access ot the brand helps customers improve trust.

At least, it does in principle.

The community has to be well managed else it becomes something that leaves a sour taste in everyone's mouth.

Why should you join a Web3 community?

A lot of projects have a free level of the community for anyone to join (i.e, people who haven't yet bought in or invested).

It's a great way to jump in and see how engaged it is and whether or not there's overlap with your needs.

If there is, you can often find a group of people who not only share your interests, but are willing and able to help you work towards a common goal.

Communities are a great way to build new relationships to help you hit the goals you've set for yourself.

How to find the best Web3 community

There's really only one way to identify if a community is a good fit for you, and that's to join it (after reading reviews of the best Web3 communities that is).

Start off by reducing the number of potentials through ensuring the communities focus on the kind of needs you have.

Once you've got a shortlist, join the free tier and see what people are saying within the community.

If you get on with people and see some value, ask how you can elevate your membership to the next level.