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The Best

Blockchain Analytics platforms

Analytics is a huge part of modern marketing and growth.

Sure there are now a lot of issues and concerns around privacy, but the fact remains that analytics are vital for effective and meaningful growth of any project.

And I'm not talking about things like knowing that John Smith from Idaho likes brand X so he can be served more relevant ads.

No, Web3 is attempting to get away from people selling such data wholesale.

What I am talking about is...

  • Knowing where your users are based so you can adapt language to suit local needs.
  • Knowing which features get the most and least use so you know what needs improving.
  • Knowing how your users are using the product so you can look at deeper integrations.

Good analytics and attribution is key to improving your product.

Thanks to the developments in privacy and ownership in Web3, this has become more difficult and beyond the scope of many existing Web2 brands' functionality. So you should check out the below best Web3 analytics and attribution platforms to help you make better decisions.

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Spindl provides attribution for Web3, enabling businesses to make informed decisions by understanding their users’ origins, actions, and motivations.
  • Spindl offers real-time attribution data that can be integrated into code.
  • The tool ingests both Web2 and Web3 actions, such as clicks and on-chain transactions.
  • Spindl seamlessly connects users’ off-chain and on-chain activities.
  • Limited customer support options due to decentralized nature.
  • Possible high transaction fees during periods of network congestion.
  • Possible high transaction fees during periods of network congestion.
  • Spindl provides customized attribution models.
  • The tool can identify the sources of high-value users and their reasons for engagement.
  • Spindl can measure the effectiveness of token and NFT drops.


Suported chains:
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Comoon is a no-code analytics platform for community-led web3 businesses.
  • Easily integrates all your community sources
  • Customizable automated reporting helps you keep track of your community health and your team’s impact in the community
  • Connects your members’ social and on-chain identities while preserving your members’ data sovereignty
  • Waitlist
  • Learning Curve
  • Limited to specific community sources
  • Track your community metrics
  • Get a unified view on your members
  • Easily identify your most engaged members and reward them with non-transferable NFTs
  • Set up automatic alerts and reminders to react quickly to important events


Suported chains:
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Helika is a web3 product analytics platform for builders to better understand and grow their community, products, and services.
  • Sophisticated token-gating solution that lets users build real-world and digital-world experiences around NFT ownership.
  • Helps web3 project owners better organize, manage, and nurture their communities.

  • Limited information on the website
  • Watilist
  • Limited chain compatibility

  • Provides powerful, self-serve web3 blockchain analytics.
  • Helps users understand their users, increase engagement, and drive growth.


Suported chains:
No items found.
Merlin is a product analytics platform for decentralized apps to understand and activate user behavior.
  • Offers simple on-chain product analytics .
  • Empowers teams to make data-driven decisions from day one .
  • Offers quick and powerful data access options .
  • Only available on Apple Products
  • Watilist
  • Industry-specific limitations

  • No-code setup
  • Link session data
  • Infinite integrations


Suported chains:
No items found.
Raleon is a web3 marketing automation platform for dApps and brands.
  • Provides powerful wallet analytics
  • Offers a built-in web3 customer data platform
  • Privacy-friendly analytics

  • Waitlist
  • Limited chain compatibility
  • Integration limitations

  • Web3 marketing automation
  • Identity Engine that brings off-chain data together with on-chain data
  • Ability to create hyper-personalized campaigns and dashboards

All-in-one web3 data infrastructure for indexing, transforming, and utilizing large-scale on-chain data
  • Fast speed
  • Stable products
  • High cost-effectiveness.
  • Need to have a dev team
  • Data Cloud API
  • Web3 API
  • Chain RPC API
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What are Blockchain analytics tools?

Much like existing analytic tools, blockchain analytics tools measure how your audience is engaging with a tool.

However, unlike existing analytic services, blockchain attribution needs to consider a lot of touchpoints and services that are specific to Web3 actions.

Don't get this confused with our category of research and analysis tools. 

Web3 research and analysis tools are to help people find trending and growing assets in the space.  

These analytics tools are aimed at brands and businesses who want to better understand how users are interacting with their product so that can improve the customer experience and generate faster growth.  

Why are blockchain analytics tools needed?

There are lots of Web3-specific platforms which traditional analytic services simply don't encompass.

From the chat services that form the backbone of Web3 communities to wallets across different blockchains.

Web2 analytics platforms can help with some of these, but if you want detailed data on where your best users are coming from and how they're interacting with your brand, you need a specific built analytics platform.

One that takes all of these new, growing platforms into account.

If you don't use them, you're going to end up making poor decisions based on incomplete data.

Best blockchain analytics tools

The best tool is really going to depend on you and your use case. 

We're outlining a couple of the more popular options below with links to their more detailed profile pages so you can make a more informed decision.  

1. Third Society

Great overview for teams

Third society Web3 analytics platform home page

Third Society is specifically designed for Web3 teams to measure, analyze and grow their network.

It helps teams track both on-chain and off-chain activity, giving them access to insights on user engagement and growth, as well as data-driven suggestions for product iteration.

Additionally, Third Society's analytics platform provides predictive analytics capabilities that allow teams to make faster decisions based on accurate projections of future performance.

Teams can gain insights faster via dynamic dashboards and automated notifications to help anticipate needs before they occur.  

2. Safe Treasury

Great for financial brands

Safe treasury homepage for Web3 financial analytics is a dashboard for Web3 teams that provides a secure decentralized finance platform.

With, teams can easily manage their finances, cryptocurrency holdings, and portfolios with just a few clicks.

It gives users the ability to send and receive payments, track budgets, set limits on transactions and deposits, and receive regular updates about their funds all in one place.

The dashboard also allows users to monitor market changes in order to be better prepared when making investment decisions.  

3.  Orbit

Very powerful analytics platform homepage for Web3 analytics

Orbit is a web3 analytics platform designed to give users an in-depth look at blockchain data.

It allows users to track and analyze the performance of decentralized applications, view transaction status updates, review smart contract deployments, monitor cryptocurrency movements and much more.

The platform also provides comprehensive commentary about key trends in the industry for anyone looking to dive deeper into the world of blockchain.

Additionally, it makes it easier for blockchain developers and entrepreneurs to identify potential investment opportunities or issues that may arise when launching a decentralized application.

What separates good from great blockchain analytics tools?

The best Web3 analytics and attribution tools consider the entire activity of the average Web3 user. We're talking where they interact with the community to where they do their due dilligence.

The basic Web2 approach to Analytics simply isn't enough.

The best brands are now building a complete service based on Web3 from the ground up and not simply adding it as an "extra feature" to an existing, incomplete solution.

Key features of great blockchain analytics tools

If you're looking for a good blockchain analytics tool to help you grow your project, these are some of the common and incredibly useful features you should be looking for.  

User acquisition attribution

User attribution is basically tracking a system user’s interactions with digital content or marketing materials.

It's super important as it's going to help you understand what's resonating with your users and then understanding who those best users are and where they're coming from. 

By measuring this data, you can optimize your campaigns, allocate resources effectively and identify opportunities for investment and improvement.

It's the very basics you should be looking for with a decent analytics platform.   

On and off-chain data

One of the more complicated issues that arises in Web3 is that we also have to consider off-chain data. 

There are plenty of research tools that simply pull generic trends from on-chain data by monitoring smart contracts. 

But that doesn't necessarily help you understand how your audience is interacting with things like your content and marketing materials.  

For Web3, you need to marry both on and off-chain data to get a great overview of your audience and how they're interacting with your project.  

Integrations with new and legacy analytics systems

Following on from the above with this. 

A lot of Web3 analytics platforms are bringing data around wallets and on-chain usage. This information doesn't exist in existing analytics systems.  

However, those existing analytics platforms have detailed data on web traffic, engagements with ads, referral partners and so much more.  

You're going to need that data to accurately map the entire customer journey.

The easiest way to do this is to have an analytics platform that integrates with these existing systems to give you a complete overview of the entire customer journey.  

How to choose the best Web3 analytic tool for you

This really depends on your own use case.

You're going to have to find the tool that not only tracks the usage stats you need to make the best improvement decisions, but you're also going to have to find onwe that you enjoy using.

The below is a growing list of the best Web3 analytics tools for you to choose from.