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Web3 advertising networks

The ad world gets a bad rap.

Brands with great products need to make use of advertising to get their offer in front of the people it can help.

If they didn't, they'd go out of business and we'd all be struggling with various tasks these businesses are trying to solve.

The problem in Web3 is that the existing advertising channels don't take the unique culture into consideration.

However, there are some specific Web3 advertising brands and channels that are built around the unique culture we're all growing together.

The below is a growing list of Web3 advertising specialists and networks.





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Ambire is a Web3 native advertising exchange for display ads
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Coinzilla is one of the most well known and established crypto and finance specific ad networks.
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Bitmedia is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency advertising network.
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Cointraffic is a Crypto advertising network that offers innovative advertising and monetization solutions for Advertisers and Publishers worldwide
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Fuul is a Web3 referral marketing protocol that connects advertisers with publishers
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What is Web3 advertising?

Specific Web3 advertising platforms and networks take the unique culture into account.

They often have relationships established with specialist Web3 publishers and outlets. Which means you're more likely to get your ad or press release in front of the right people.

In addition, these specific Web3 advertising companies understand the culture that comes with Web3 and so can better advise on your assets to make the best impact.

Why do you need to advertise in Web3?

Web3 is often thought of as the "community first" era.

Brands are all jumping at creating their own community as that's where a lot of the organic growth comes from.

But if you've got the cash, a good ad campaign can shave weeks or months off your growth.

Advertising isn't a case of replacing organic growth, but it should be used in conjunction with it to supercharge the speed at which you attract new people.

And finding the right Web3 advertising platform is key.

How to choose the best advertising network in Web3

There are various types of advertising and you should really make your decision based on a few key decisions.

Ideally you want to start with the kind of advertising you're doing.

  • Just want to get the word out for brand recognition? Try a display ad network.
  • Want to let the world know of an impressive development? You'll want a PR specialist.
  • Want to pay only for results? You'll need a PPC service.

Make sure that the web3 advertising service you use aligns with your goals.